Case Study: CoseCasa January Sale - Digital Marketing
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Case Study: CoseCasa January Sale

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We’ve been working with CoseCasa, one of Malta’s best known homeware stores, for over a year. We manage the entire digital marketing; website, SEO, Google Ads/search, Facebook and Instagram. Here you can read about our digital marketing case study to see how we did it.


The overall strategy was to have a 25% discount on all products in store during the sale which ran for just 10 days – unheard of before in Malta. This was the first year CoseCasa had this approach rather than discounts on specific products. By staging the key products we wanted to focus on for the January sale we had our photographer and graphic designer organise the shoot. The results were stunning and the basis of the whole campaign.

Digital results


This had a significant impact on footfall in store. Page reach was up 55% year on year and impressions increased a massive 130% compared to the previous year. A key metric we track is post engagement and this increased over 170%.

Google Ads & Paid Search

Malta is an Island nation of around 440,000 inhabitants. Considering the demographic (A,B,C1) that reduces the audience significantly. Despite this we achieved over 3.5 million impressions and that resulted in 5,000 unique visits to the January sale website landing page. All of this was achieved in just 10 days.


We constantly update the website updated to ensure great SEO. January’s page content reflected the Facebook and Google Ads creatives along with some as yet unseen content to appeal to shoppers. During the first 10 days of January there were over 10,000 sessions on the site.

In-store results

During the 10-day mega sale CoseCasa experienced a 30% increase in custom and increase in footfall. And importantly, a very happy client.

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