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Fabulous Facebook marketing that’s made Malta paws for thought – and dip into our pockets!

We are a nation of animal lovers and yet every year Island Sanctuary has to look after approximately 90 stray and abandoned dogs.

Each dog costs on average 400 euros per year – as well as providing food (which we take the time and trouble to cook!), water, shelter, medication and any expenses related to vet visits, we go the extra mile by giving each dog year round protection against fleas and ticks – any dog owner will know how expensive this is! The premises – which are big and old – need regular cleaning and maintenance, not to mention the astronomical bill for water. And we also have to pay for electricity and gas, telephone and mobile phone bills, plus any administration fees.

With a maximum intake of 100 dogs at any one time – and around half of them long-term residents due to a range of factors including old age, unsociable character, size and chronic conditions – this all adds up to a whopping 40,000 euros needed every year to keep Island Sanctuary running to the high standard the committee and volunteers have set themselves.

MadeYou Smile became involved with Island Sanctuary in late 2016 and while being socially responsible underpins everything that we do, we decided to work with Island Sanctuary as part of our commitment to corporate social responsibility.

What Island Sanctuary needed MadeYou Smile to do

Busy already with looking after the dogs, the Island Sanctuary team tasked us with:

  • Creating compelling on-brand content for the Sanctuary’s Facebook page and publishing it every day


In order to:

  • increase the number of followers of Island Sanctuary’s Facebook page
  • increase engagement with individual posts
  • increase the frequency, amount and value of charitable donations to the Sanctuary
  • increase the number of sponsors for dogs at the home
  • increase the number of volunteers willing to share their skills during their spare time at the Sanctuary


What MadeYou Smile did

The team met with Sylvia and talked through what she had done with regards to Facebook marketing to date and what she could offer us in terms of information and images we could use as the basis of our posts. We also paid special attention to the tone of voice which Sylvia wanted us to use, which was: warm, positive, informative and appreciative.

Our social media marketers then went away and drafted their first tranche of Facebook posts for Island Sanctuary (approximately one month’s worth, with three posts per week), which, Sylvia then checked for accuracy, tone and content.

Content and messaging was varied to ensure that followers would get something not only different every day, but useful to them as dog lovers and dog owners themselves.

MadeYou Smile then started to schedule Facebook posts for Island Sanctuary in autumn 2016 and within days the team started to notice an upsurge in page followers, and, engagement with individual posts.

Now, two and a half years later, Island Sanctuary’s Facebook page has more than 16,000 likes, and at the time of writing, there are 150 sponsors supporting its doggy population.

Sylvia Zammit is PRO for the Island Sanctuary. She says: “Before MadeYou Smile came on board we were looking after our Facebook page ourselves. While posts about our individual dogs have always attracted interest it certainly wasn’t easy for us to think of other good ways to share our messages and get other people interested in our work.

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Sylvia Zammit – Island Sanctuary

“And even when we had a good idea or two, we did not have the design skills to turn them into good content for our Facebook page.

“When MadeYou Smile took on our social media marketing they injected fun into our messaging which really raised a fresh level of interest.

“Their simple and engaging ‘Help us’ posts have make a real difference. Whether it’s a request for financial help (via our SMS donation option), dog sponsorship, or any other request for help, the results achieved by MadeYou Smile’s fun and quirky Facebook posts are always immediate and positive.

“When the post with our mobile numbers appears, we get many donations every time – it’s always great to have a reminder.

“And we had 40 new sponsorships in 2 months as a direct response to a Facebook campaign by MadeYou Smile which was totally amazing. In fact, this particular push for sponsorship was so successful in such a short period of time that I had to ask for further planned posts about this to put on hold because we could not keep up with the demand! And that’s was a very happy position to be in!

“So many thanks from us to MadeYou Smile for their input to our Facebook page. Their expertise and hard work has made all the difference to us, Island Sanctuary and the dogs we look after and I would not hesitate to recommend them as the best agency to promote your business or organization.”

Like to find out how MadeYou Smile can help your business with its social media marketing?  Get in touch any time – we love to talk! – on +356 2703 5703 or email: Kelly@madeyou.eu