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BIZZBY is a London-based home services business. Founded in 2006 by entrepreneur Rohan Sinclair Luvaglio, BIZZBY provides a fast and trustworthy matching service between time-poor consumers and experienced tradespeople across the UK.

Now 13 years old BIZZBY fulfils thousands of jobs per week via the website and mobile app with services including professional cleaning, plumbers, handymen, electricians and removals.

Excellent customer service is fundamental to BIZZBY’s success and since autumn 2018 BIZZBY has offshored its customer service provision to MadeYou Outsource.


Full GDPR compliance

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Emma Crawford – Customer Happiness Manager

Emma Crawford, BIZZBY Customer Success Manager, says: “Previously we had been outsourcing with a Philippines-based team. However we needed to ensure GDPR compliance, plus consistently high standards of service delivery.”

James Bolton, MadeYou Outsource Team Leader, says, “MadeYou Outsource is a small, flexible and highly responsive customer service team. As well as offering full GDPR-compliance – Malta is a member state of the EU – we pride ourselves on our hands-on approach, fluency in English and our understanding of the culture of the UK.

“And because we are based in Malta our costs are considerably lower than those of UK-based customer service providers.”


Experience as both client and provider

Emma continues, “We started working with Luke Todd, CEO of MadeYou, and his team at MadeYou Outsource in Malta after an ex-colleague of mine, Marison Ayres, Head of Customer Service at, recommended I get in touch with him.

“From the first contact I felt very comfortable and supported by Luke because of his experience of having run contact centres for over two decades. He also knows what it’s like to be the client who is selecting an outsourcer. His breadth experience adds so much value when it comes to delivering excellent customer experience and also being cost efficient.

“The communication with Luke and the MadeYou Outsource team has been clear and transparent from the outset and has given me a lot of confidence.”



James Bolton continues: “The MadeYou Outsource team work hand-in-glove with Emma, BIZZBY’s Customer Success Manager, and provide real time feedback to her throughout the working day.

“Plus we also have planned weekly catch-ups, during which I feedback to Emma business critical insights gathered by MadeYou Outsource’s team.

“Our aim is to be completely #AppYourService whenever and however we’re needed.

“We make sure that when a request is made via the BIZZBY app for a service, the right professional is connected to carry out the work when the customer wants it done.

“We then track progress to make sure the job is carried out at the time agreed and to the customer’s satisfaction. If, for any reason the professional didn’t arrive to complete the job, we’re there to find an immediate replacement to make sure the job is completed on time and to the customer’s satisfaction.

“Our highly educated team are all fluent English speakers and there is only one hour time difference between Malta and the UK.”


Honest and clear communication

Emma concludes, “Our relationship with BIZZBY has always been based on honest and clear communication. From the initial meetings, to desk setup and recruitment we’ve been working hand-in-hand and in harmony.”

Are you looking to outsource your customer service? Does this sound like the kind of relationship you want with your outsourcer? Then please get in touch with Luke Todd, CEO of MadeYou, by emailing him on