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About us

Our Quirkology

The company has evolved through our personality; our mantra is to be proactive and to celebrate change.
We value our international expertise however we make sure that we are at the forefront of our business so that the culture of the business translates from our personality.

– Luke & Kellly

Our Values


we’re quirky


we share


we are agile


we are honest

Our Brand Story

The MadeYou brand is a constant morphing of the needs of its environment. The founders, Luke Todd and Kelly McSherry have treated the business with measured agility and have grown organically into the sectors it currently operates in. In 2015, a section of the business Luke Todd & Co offered consultancy services to organisations. The international expertise that both founders brought to the service landed the company a contract with eBay (leading their customer experience units, optimising customer service centres, maximising efficiencies, profiling NPS analytics, feeding fraud prevention strategy to the board, all round customer support consultancy).


Through the company’s efforts to advertise and promote itself, it was noticed on social media (thanks to Kelly’s expert NLP skills) by various companies, who approached him to have their social media accounts managed by them. TERRONE (or Island sanctuary) was signed on to becoming the first customer for Social Smile, a digital marketing agency with a quirky kick to its content!


Both Luke and Kelly are certified business coaches/trainers which lead the company to also operate under the name of United Business Training and to be contracted by Tipico to deliver training sessions to their employees. Luke’s background and approach to developing talent to bring about significant operational change within an organisation. On the other hand, Kelly is a certified psychotherapist and through various NLP methods delivers significant behavioural change through training and one-to-one sessions.


The company has since rebranding to hold all its services under one brand name MadeYou™, it boasts a diverse portfolio of social media delivery – MadeYou Smile, training courses – MadeYou Grow as well as customer service centre and consultancy service – MadeYou Think.

Meet the Monsters

Kelly McSherry

Creative Director

Kelly’s professional background is varied to say the least. Having worked with start-ups, as a sole-trader through to working with international financial institutions like City Group managing teams around mergers and acquisitions. After going back to university as a mature student he qualified as a psychotherapist and then as a Master of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). He moved into the charity sector and before moving permanently to Malta nearly 5 years ago he held a senior role responsible for multiple locations and over 400 staff in the health sector. Today Kelly is utterly passionate about how business can attract, retain and grow their talent and he brings all of that energy to each and every workshop.

Luke Todd

Operations Director

Luke has a very strong background working for some of the world’s largest companies such as eBay and Aviva Insurance. His primary focus has been on Customer Services and being responsible for contact center’s with up to 1000 people and has a remarkable track record for low staff attrition and developing a powerful employee branding culture to attract new talent. Now, Luke focuses on strategic development for a variety of clients whether it’s in talent development, customer experience and C-Level coaching. Luke has an approach to developing talent that engages on a different level that brings about significant behavioural change to drive careers and business potential.

Elisa Farrugia

Digital Marketing Manager

Elisa’s experience is predominantlyin the financial sector, and while her focus is primarily on sales and marketing her history stems from art and design which marry perfectly together in her current role. Her passion and drive for branding is out of this world and will definitely come through in the works she delivers. WARNING! She is a major animal lover and a conversation with her can easily go down that rabbit hole … pun intended!

Erika Buttigieg

Creative Digital Guru

Erika kicked off her career as a graphic designer, working for one of the largest foodstuff importers and distributors in Malta. Her piqued interest in digital marketing, combined with her creative and organisational skills, has led her to venture into the wonderful world of digital marketing with social media as her prime focus. Outside the office, Erika is more likely found hanging around her houseplants and craft supplies.

Ruben Torrens

Creative Digital Guru

Rubén Torrens has travelled all the way from Venezuela. Having studied social  communication and graduated in photography Ruben continues to pursue his favourite hobby – fashion photography. Having amassed thousands of followers on social media, it’s safe to say that Rubén is no amateur. Still young and brimming with fresh ideas, landing a job at MadeYou as a marketing executive, has allowed Rubén to pursue his passion for social media, with the highlight of his day being customer satisfaction following a long day’s work.

Purdy Ellul

Office Ninja

Purdy lives up to her office ninja title, with her excellent organisational and interpersonal skills, a keen eye for detail and a flare for marketing! Purdy owns a strong background in group incentive organization and has completed a Higher Diploma in Marketing and Sales Management. In her free time Purdy teaches basic swimming techniques to first level swimmers.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We do our bit for the community too.

We help malta’s stray and abandoned fur-babies gain some spotlight by sharing some heartwarming cute photos as well as share stories to generate awareness and profits for this non-profit organisation. The Island Sanctuary Malta has been in operation for 20 years, fighting for the rights of our four-legged friends! A big thanks for the volunteers who work there, it wouldn’t be the same without you!


On that note, we encourage you to become a member at the small price of €10 a year via this link – thanks for being paw-some!
Island Sanctuary CSR