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Managing Performance Effectively


Duration: 4 hours


This course is designed for delegates (new and current managers) to develop their management skills in relation to managing their team members.

We start with objective setting and explore OKR’s, KPI’s and SMART and the value of them all.

We discuss real-time feedback and scheduled 1-2-1’s and their place in the performance management cycle.

Whilst always reaffirming the objective is performance improvement we explore the value of PDP (or action plans) and the process to develop buy-in from poor performing staff. We move through into the disciplinary cycle and what role the manager plays in this.

At the end of the session we discuss getting the most out of team meetings and these also link into the management of the team.


Learning outcomes:


  • different approaches to object setting
  • exploring SMART, KPIs and Object Key Results (OKRs)
  • how do we give cross-functional feedback
  • how to use the OKR model in particular to out performers on your team
  • the value of real-time feedback
  • benefits of having regular 1-2-1s/catch-up sessions with team members
  • that documentation is your friend and not a burden
  • techniques to identify; under-performers, performers and out performers in your team
  • how to make sure we value people who are performers
  • the performance management cycle and how HR can support
  • the disciplinary process and ‘being the business’


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