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How To Hire Talent


Duration: 4 hours


Very often businesses and managers do not focus on attracting the right people to apply for roles.

During this 4-hour course, delegates will go through the process from advert design, candidate selection, interview structure and question to selecting the right talent for the job. We spend time focusing on what questions to ask at interview and how to ask them to relax candidates and allow them to express their answers fully. We also give candidates some tips and trick to weed out the candidates that are good at interview but may not be right for the job!


Learning outcomes:


  • making job descriptions and adverts need to attract the right applicants
  • reviewing CVs to sift the right candidates for interview
  • how assessment centres can bring benefits to identify the right candidate
  • getting the best out of a candidate and how to relax them at interview
  • understand current team dynamics and what you need from a new recruit
  • recognising the value of open questions to get the best from candidates
  • tips on how to know if they’re the right candidate
  • understanding it’s about hiring talent and not settling for second best

This course is essential for any hiring manager to identify and select the right candidate every time.

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