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MadeYouGrow Courses

The Art of Giving Feedback


Duration: 4 hours


The Art of Giving Feedback develops skills to give feedback at the right time and the right way.


Using role-plays and interactive sessions we explore tips and effective processes in relation to giving feedback. Scheduled 1-2-1 feedback is made more effective if real-time feedback is part of your day-to-day management style.  Documentation is your friend and relying on facts can help manage some potentially emotional feedback sessions.


Exploring the idea that feedback is a gift, this 4 hour course will be very enjoyable, active and focused on tip-top-tips.

Emotional & Social Intelligence


Duration: 4 hours


This course is designed for delegates to gain a deeper personal insight into what emotional intelligence is and how it can affect their professional and interpersonal relationships.


By the end of the course, delegates will understand how their emotional insight, authenticity and calibrated language has a positive effect on their relationships.

Be a Better Communicator


Duration: 4 hours

This course is designed for delegates to understand the importance of ‘active’ listening and having engaging communication with other people.

Delegates will understand better how to deliver clear and concise messages and how communication in person can differ from written.
The course also explores non-verbal communication (body language) and when to use certain language-patterns to keep messages positive.

Negotiating and Influencing


Duration: 2 sessions of 4 hours each

This course is designed for delegates to develop their skills to influence others to achieve objectives. We understand personal motivations and explore how to use empathy to avoid conflict when influencing.
After exploring how to take the emotions out of negotiations and concentrate on business value, we explore when to use the different techniques discussed and practiced with various exercises.
Delegates will leave the course feeling empowered in negotiation and influencing styles.

Presenting Like A Pro!


Duration: 2 sessions of 4 hours each

This course is designed for delegates to develop their presentation and public speaking skills.
The course is built up over 2 sessions. In the first session, we explore presentation structure, use of materials and resources and also presenting data.
In the second session, we explore the psychological barriers to presenting well and help delegates overcome anxieties. We guide and develop authenticity in delegates presentation styles.
During both days delegates will present whilst being recorded and receive verbal feedback provided after each presentation. After Day 1 the video segments are sent individually to the delegates to guide them for Day 2 presentations.

Get Creative With Your Thinking


Duration: 4 hours

This workshop is designed for delegates to develop different ways of thinking about problems, barriers or possible solutions. We utilise a lot of activities to stimulate thought in a non-conventional way and leverage examples from day-to-day to focus on.

Stakeholder Management


Duration: 2 sessions of 4 hours each

This course is designed for delegates to develop their communication skills in relation to managing stakeholders across various departments and levels.

We spend the first session discussing communication skills and focussing on assertive behaviour, confidence and listening skills. Then we discuss identifying stakeholders and their appropriate level of engagement to ‘your’ piece of work/project.

In the second session, we delve deeper into how to communicate with different stakeholders and managing any emotional stakeholders in an engaging way to avoid conflict. We finish with how to keep your project on track by managing stakeholders effectively, utilising real examples wherever possible.

Train The Trainer


Duration: 2 sessions of 4 hours each

This course is designed for delegates to develop their skills in training others in technical training. We work with them to understand that they are ‘technical’ experts and how they can identify the best ways to pass their knowledge onto others.
In the first session, we talk about training and coaching and the different benefits. We work through how to engage your audience and how to identify learning styles that will help you adapt your training styles.
In the second session, we explore how you can stimulate the thought process, how to present confidence and reduce any anxieties.
There will be exercises delivered to a camera, with feedback so delegates can see their delivery styles and adapt.

Be The Master Of Your Time


Duration: 4 hours

This course is designed for delegates to improve their prioritisation skills. We use activities to explore different methods of time management so that delegates can find those that best suit them. We touch on when to push back and more importantly how to communicate this effectively.
We finish the day with some exploration of empowerment barriers to making decisions or organising their day. Delegates will leave with a toolbox full of approaches to managing their time more effectively.
There is pre-work for this course for each delegate, this assists the trainers to align the smaller working groups correctly.

How To Give Your Peers And Boss Feedback


Duration: 4 hours

In this course, we give you the tools and techniques to easily give feedback to your peers and those in more senior positions in a professional and supportive manner.
We work with your real-life examples to help you to understand how to navigate what can sometimes be a difficult conversation. You’ll learn how to manage your emotions and also how to look at what you need to feedback from different perspectives to ensure clear and appropriate communication.

Grow Your Coaching Skills


Duration: 4 hours

The objective of the session is for delegates to increase their understanding of coaching, what it is and how to do it. We discuss ways you can identify and develop your team through coaching.
We have some scenarios for you to demonstrate your ability to coach using the GROW model. We explore questioning techniques and phrasing of questions.
We finish with the power of praise.

Managing Performance Effectively


Duration: 4 hours

This course is designed for delegates (new and current managers) to develop their management skills in relation to managing their team members.
We start with objective setting and explore OKR’s, KPI’s and SMART and the value of them all.
We discuss real-time feedback and scheduled 1-2-1’s and their place in the performance management cycle.
Whilst always reaffirming the objective is performance improvement we explore the value of PDP (or action plans) and the process to develop buy-in from poor performing staff. We move through into the disciplinary cycle and what role the manager plays in this.
At the end of the session we discuss getting the most out of team meetings and these also link into the management of the team.

Managing Conflict


Duration: 4 hours

Conflict is a natural part of any business and interpersonal relationships. Delegates attending this course will learn how to manage themselves when they are in conflict and how to stay focused on the business needs and outcomes. Additionally, delegates will discover techniques to manage emotional responses from others and how to refocus efforts.
Working with real-life examples from the delegates, we explore how different approaches would have helped them get better results.

Managing Change


Duration: 4 hours

Change in business today is constant and how it’s managed can be the difference between engaged teams and people leaving.
In this course, we focus on how Managers disseminate information clearly and in a timely manner. We also focus on delivering consistent messages to teams and individuals and managing the anxiety of individuals.

Confidence Building


Duration: 4 hours

Confidence is fundamental for anyone who wants to move up the ranks in business. Often talent is identified within teams and the challenge is about building confidence for them to step up to the next role of responsibility.
We explore the skill of assertiveness without becoming aggressive and how to present oneself is a manner that is authentic. How to overcome barriers that will have previously been perceived as weakness and how to change behaviours positively.

Impact Of My Words


Duration: 3 hours

Understanding how and what is spoken is a vital skill to get the very best out of people.
This course helps delegates to understand how they’re currently heard and how slight changes can have a major impact on outcomes. These skills help delegates to understand how language patterns can get the best out of people and deliver on business goals consistently.

How To Hire Talent


Duration: 4 hours

Very often businesses and managers do not focus on attracting the right people to apply for roles.
During this 4-hour course, delegates will go through the process from advert design, candidate selection, interview structure and question to selecting the right applicant for the job. We spend time focusing on what questions to ask at interview and how to ask them to relax candidates and allow them to express their answers fully. We also give candidates some tips and trick to weed out the candidates that are good at interview but may not be right for the job!