| Made You Smile
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How we #MadeYouSmile

Smiling stimulates our brain’s reward mechanisms in a way that even chocolate, a well-regarded pleasure-inducer, cannot match!


So, what does this mean for social and digital marketing?


We are experts in generating positive feelings for your customers thanks to our great team of sociologists, psychotherapists, language experts and creative gurus!


We’ll create positive feelings through our quirkiness and they will be directly associated with your brand. Our blend of skills means that we can take your customers on a journey that will lead them to feel very positive towards your products and services which then means more business.


Our Values


we’re quirky


we share


we are agile


we are honest

value added

we are budget friendly

Our Services

Designing and Planning your Social Media.

We know the significant value of getting a positive emotional engagement with your customers. All of our super-talented team of designers ready to bring your ideas to life in the digital world to grow engagement and followers towards your brand. We love working with brand guidelines to create super engaging content on social media. Take a look at some of the work we’ve done for our clients below …


Don’t believe us? Just watch!

Island Sanctuary

island sanctuary

Increased donations by0%

Page followers by0%

Page reach by0%

Remedies Clinic

remedies clinic

Facebook followers up0%

post engagement by0%

Facebook post reach by0%

Google Ads.

Google Search Ads 

We love to research what’s going to work for you and that includes having a sniff around at what your competitors are up to. Then we create something so much more appealing to your current and potential customers to drive traffic to your website!


Google Display Ads

Curating something that pops off a website and grabs the attention of your potential customers is the reason we exist! Working with your brand values we’ll come up with static and animated adverts that will drive traffic and make your campaign a hit! We’ll research and review where’s best to place your ads for you! Easy peasy!

Optimising your success through effective reporting.

It’s all about the data! There’s no point piling money into a campaign without understanding where it’s been effective and where it needs a little tweak or retargeting. Working with your google analytics and social media data we’ll manage your campaign to get the highest ROI for you which will result in maximum exposure for your brand, product or service.