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How we #MadeYouThink

We know that the customer experience is the fundamental differentiator for businesses today.


We’ve been supporting companies (startups through to global brands) to deliver an outstanding customer experience whilst controlling and driving costs down.


We provide a range of services targeted at making sure you’re giving your customers the best possible experience of your business. All this starts with the foundation that your teams, structure, processes, and insights that your customers are already giving you. We will help you to build strong and dedicated teams that, in turn, will give your customers the service experience they expect.

Our Services

Customer Services Outsourcing.

Stress-free outsourcing/offshoring – You recognise that there are significant benefits to outsourcing your customer service center. As experienced consultants who have worked with startups to some of the biggest brands, we can help to significantly reduce costs whilst retaining and driving customer service levels and customer insights. We offer a boutique outsourcing service, tailored to optimize customer service for digital brands.

Social Media Customer Service.

Social Media is fast becoming the favoured channel for customers to contact companies. Are you ready? NO? Don’t worry, with decades of experience in Customer Service we’re the experts! Outsource your social media customer Service to us, well handle it all! We’ve worked with companies like eBay, classifieds site, as well as Grand Interiors. We’re really amazing at it!

Customer service consultancy.

Mastering multi-channel – You’re using phone, web form and email as contact channels and know the costs associated are too high. Live chat and social media are high on your agenda to integrate, you can’t avoid it and you need to do it right the first time. We can help you implement the right CRM and live chat technology, select and train your teams and develop the right processes to enhance your ROI.


PS! We are also big fans of the idea of using Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp to really give your customers service at their fingertips.


How do we do it, you ask?


Understand where you are now – Need to know to how the process and collect feedback data from your customers? You need a full audit of your current feedback mechanisms, we can help.


Net Promoter Score (NPS) &Customer satisfaction (CSAT) Data Analysis – You’ve gathered the survey results and now you need to make sense of it. We turn the data into powerful insightful business-critical information. Understanding your customers’ feedback – Spotting trends and analyzing its meaning is a function for your customer services team. This is the deciding factor to raise your NPS score.    Leveraging your NPS data – NPS is the standard measure of customer satisfaction and loyalty. Leveraging the positive and negative data will help you build a customer-focused business.


We have a personal record of raising net sales by over 500k per annum, reducing costs by over £1m per annum and increasing CSAT scores by over 10% in just under one year!

Business Consultancy.

We schedule meetings with c-level stakeholders of your business where we collect information about the company’s processes, values, culture, future plans and possibly current pain points hindering the business from its potential growth. Our team will then perform a preparatory audit of the business and formulate initial plans with a focus on key areas of improvement. The plan is further finetuned when we ask that the stakeholders facilitate between 1 and 2 initial days auditing the various aspects of the business we identify.


A full audit report is then presented with details of our recommendations, areas of concern and loads of ideas about how to overcome them in the most efficient and effective manner. ideas, and also areas of concern.  Now it’s time for you to say “YES, enhance my business!”


We then look to work with core operational people within the business. We project manage key change initiatives, which would cover some really cool quick wins, whilst also planning and scheduling all the workflows required for the larger wins.


Your business will experience some major changes in relation to the process, technology, people and structure, which will deliver against the original objectives.  Whoop-Whoop!

Culture Generation – Team Building.

Our quirk-ology – any dream will do! Perfect for creating a sense of integration and to mould different teams together, a day to get to know your peers. It’s perfect for newly formed teams as well as the ‘dinosaur-ic’ teams. With a mix of quirky, thought-provoking activities together with our highly energetic (but persistent) facilitators your team will be exhausted at the end of the sessions and when you look at the outputs it will be clear why.  So much knowledge and ideas will be released whilst developing a teamwork ethos.


The process is triggered by a meeting with the sponsor who will deliver the key objectives they would like to have translated through the sessions. Our amazing team then builds workshops and effective exercises tailormade that will really give the sponsor exactly what they need. We resource our Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach to work with the individual team members to understand their unique talents and strengths and then uses their strength to do some funky profiling around the team strengths and focus areas.