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Why SMEs need social media marketing…

Why SMEs need social media marketing…

We all know that building/growing a new business and engaging with current clients is done over social media, right? So how does this impact you as the owner of an SME? The obvious answer is MASSIVELY!

You know you need to have a constant presence on Social Media and the challenge is how can you achieve that with limited resources? There’s a few options and they’re often time and finance intensive. They needn’t be and here’s why.

Time is limited

You’re running a successful business and you put the odd post out to Facebook and maybe an event on Twitter or Linkedin? You’ve found that not having a regular and relevant presence on those portals has brought you precisely zilch! Well that’s because to have an impact and for potential customers to trust your brand, you need to give them regular updates. After all, you can manage on just a couple of hours sleep each night, can’t you?! Obviously not!

Budget is tight
Running a small and growing business means you have to have a keen eye on your finances at all times. It’s difficult enough making sure you have the finances to make sure your Team are paid on time and your suppliers are paid. Juggling your income and expenditure isn’t easy.

Traditional Social Media agencies are way to expensive!
You’ve had a meeting with one agency and they’re looking for what seems like a huge monthly investment and you can’t see the value, right? They want to post every second of every day and tell you that they can change the world and your business? They’ve arrived to set and they have a glossy brochure and website that looks like they should be looking after Virgin Galactic or Apple? Scary stuff, isn’t it?

You want to know what works
You’ve had tones of numbers and stats thrown at you and you don’t know how to make head nor tail of them? Stuff like demographics, eye color, tea they drink and what type of socks people wear just doesn’t speak to you as a business owner, right? It all seems like massive overkill for what you want.

What’s the solution?
You’ve been looking for a no fuss, affordable and effective way to get your brand out there to people that will be interested, haven’t you? You’ve been dreaming of meeting someone from an agency that speaks your language and you can trust to be your brand representatives across Social Media?

Well you’ve found us! MadeYou Smile was born out of recognizing that there’s no one out there that will provide an honest, straight forward service for SME’s that want to be seen by potential customers. We’ll work with you to provide online content that speaks directly to your customers in a tone of voice that really chimes with you and your values.

With 4 basic packages that make sure you stay in control of your budget and gives you insights from how things are working online you can stay in control. The peace of mind you’ll feel and increase in business will make you wonder why no one has done it before! No need to anymore 🙂

Get in touch with us today and we’ll have a chat about what you need and how we can help you. No fuss, no fluff and a manageable way to reach your customers on Social Media.

Give us a call on 2703 5703 or drop us an email at hello@madeyou.eu today and we’ll get things sorted.