Building a Talent Retention Culture -
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Building a Talent Retention Culture

Learn how build a talent retention culture from experienced Senior Operations Leaders.

Luke and Kelly presented about Building a Talent Retention culture at the FHRD conference in October this year. Their seminar sold out before anyone else so they’ve decided to run it again for the public! It’s being held of Friday 16th November from 2 to 4 pm at the Microsoft Innovation Centre at Skyparks and it’s FREE of charge! All Kelly and Luke request is people attending make a €5 donation towards the incredible work of the Inspire Foundation as part of MadeYou’s CSR.

During this 2 hour session you’ll hear how:

  • the enormous value and how to welcome new team members BEFORE they’ve even started their first day
  • how Operational Managers can help team members feel loved by celebrating special events
  • the art of attracting and hiring talent
  • the myth about millennials has had it’s day
  • celebrating success and the massive benefit to Operational Managers with regular check-ins
  • the proven triangulation method for dealing with conflict and it’s boost to culture
  • why a fly inside a urinal may be the answer to your maintenance budget!

All this is delivered by Kelly and Luke and here’s a bit of info on them:

Luke Todd – Co-Founder at MadeYou

Luke has a very strong background working for some of the world’s largest companies such as eBay and Aviva Insurance. His primary focus has been on Customer Services and being responsible for contact center’s with up to 1000 people and has a remarkable track record for low staff attrition and developing a powerful employee branding culture to attract new talent. Now, Luke focuses on strategic development for a variety of clients whether it’s in talent development, customer experience and C-Level coaching. Luke has an approach to developing talent that engages on a different level that brings about significant behavioural change to drive careers and business potential.

made you grow, kelly mcsherry, luke todd, malta, management development, talent, talent development, soft skills, leadership, leadership development

Kelly McSherry – Co-Founder at MadeYou

Kelly’s professional background is varied to say the least. Having worked with start-ups, as a sole-trader through to working with international financial institutions like City Group managing teams around mergers and acquisitions. After going back to university as a mature student he qualified as a psychotherapist and then as a Master of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). He moved into the charity sector and before moving permanently to Malta nearly 5 years ago he held a senior role responsible for multiple locations and over 400 staff in the health sector. Today Kelly is utterly passionate about how business can attract, retain and grow their talent and he brings all of that energy to each and every workshop.

Email now to reserve you spaces.