Revealed....the differences in outsourcer providers? -
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Revealed….the differences in outsourcer providers?

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Revealed….the differences in outsourcer providers?

The simple answer is experience!

You’ve already decided you need outsourcer for your contact centre operation and now you’re on the hunt for the right partner. You probably have a tick list of technical and soft competencies that you need to be met to whittle your tender process. So what’s left for you to be convinced about which one to choose?

One of the key characteristics in a fledgling relationship with an outsourcer is the depth of rapport that’s built from the beginning? You’re making a strategic decision about who’s going to differentiate you in the market place you sell your goods or services. Besides a smiley executive persuading you that you customers are in safe hands and giving you references from hand picked clients that will talk in glowing terms about their experiences, how can you really know?

Spot the Outsourcer Difference

A key test is about experience on both sides of the fence; looking for an outsourcer and being the outsourcer. A very rare combination indeed and when you find an outsourcer lead by someone with this kind of experience you’d be very wise to seize the opportunity. MadeYou was setup by Luke Todd who has over 25 years experience and 22 of those were as the client sourcing outsourcers. Luke’s experience is vast having directed contact centres of over 1000 seats to outsourcing for global brands like eBay and their classifieds site. Today Luke is putting all of that experience into practice for clients and delivering precisely what his clients as for and more.

It’s like finding a unicorn at the end of a rainbow that’s sitting in a pot of gold! Contact Luke now at and see how he can deliver outstanding customer service and focus on cost reduction.