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We love delivery contact centre services to Bizzby!

We love Bizzby and Bizzby loves us!

We provide contact centre support to Bizzby. They’re an app that connects customers with professional  trades people to do whatever job they require. That’s anything from fitting a TV bracket to helping them unblock a toilet or even just removing junk!

Contact Centre Customer Service

We’re the key link delivering outstanding customer service with our contact centre outsourcing. We make sure that when a request is made via the app for a service is connected to the right professional. We then track progress to make sure the job is carried out at the time agreed and to the customers satisfaction. If for any reason the professional didn’t arrive to fulfil the job we’re there to find an immediate replacement to make sure the customers job is completed.

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Emma Crawford – Customer Success Manager

We started working with Luke and the Team at MadeYou after an ex-colleague of mine recommended I get in touch with him. From the first contact I felt very comfortable and supported by Luke because of his experience of having run contact centres for over 2 decades. He also knows what it’s like to be the client and selecting and outsourcer and that experience adds so much value when it comes to delivering excellent customer experience and also being cost efficient. The Team Luke recruited to work on our account is fantastic and the whole on-boarding and training processes was seamless which is remarkable in such a competitive market. The communication with Luke and the MadeYou team has been clear and transparent from the outset and has given me a lot of confidence.

Our relationship with Bizzby has always been based on honest and clear communication. From the initial meetings, to desk setup and recruitment we’ve been working hand-in-hand and in harmony. Sounds like the kind of relationship you’d want with your outsourcer….right? 😉

To find out more, get in touch with Luke by emailing him on luke@madeyou.eu