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Contact Centre Outsourcing…it’s a must!

For some the thought of contact centre outsourcing runs a shiver up and down their spines. That’s a bit of a strange response really; after all, do they service their own cars, generally not.

There are many benefits to contact centre outsourcing to Malta above many other international locations and here are just a few. These are the key points that any Head of Customer Operations or Chief Operating Officer will consider.
#1 – Cost benefit
Obviously the first thing that people think of when they’re contemplating off shoring their call centre is the cost benefit. You can chose to opt for India for example and the price is remarkably lower than the UK but that brings other issues.

It’s not just the bottom line benefit to take into account. There’s the reduced head count on your books that need health care, training, HR involvement, national insurance contributions, recruiting and the list goes on.

#2 – Malta is a headache free zone
Malta sits just off the coast of Sicily in the south of the Mediterranean. Over the years it has been under the control of many different cultures and they have left their mark. The Italians, Russians, Greeks and British (to name a few) will find familiarity on the Island.

Malta’s a very popular destination for holidaymakers. That means that means that the Island has a service provision approach to business. That’s not limited to tourism; it’s engrained in the culture and certainly comes through in call centres such as MadeYou.

For Heads of Customer Operations and other managers it’s within easy reach from the UK being just 3 hours from London and a bit longer from Newcastle. This means meetings are easy and cost effective to arrange face-to-face. Oh, it’s nearly always sunny in Malta to so doing business there is far from challenging!

#3 – Scalability
Every business whether it’s a startup or already established and growing needs to feel confident about growth and customer service provision.

Because of it’s location and ease of access contact centres in Malta find it easy to upscale and attract the right language skills. Young people travel to Malta and stay for extended periods. It’s a very popular retirement destination and agents from a more senior demographic make amazing agents! The Maltese themselves generally speak 3 languages; Maltese, English and Italian. Many of them have even greater language skills to meet clients’ demands as they grow.

#4 – Language and culture
I mentioned earlier about the other benefits compared to India. Maltese speak English as a first language and agents in Indian call centres can also have acceptable English.

The significant difference is how agents deal with the cultural nuances of northern European and other countries. In Malta they understand and just get the humor and cultural differences. It’s far, far less likely that anyone can say the same for our colleagues in the Indian equivalents.

It’s a key decision about contact centre outsourcing and Malta really should be on your radar for all the reasons above. The culture, attitude and benefits are significant and not only will you make financial savings you’ll importantly keep your customers very happy.