Reasons you should outsource your Contact Centre -
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Reasons you should outsource your Contact Centre

Establishing a multichannel contact centre in-house is expensive. It requires investment in facilities, equipment, technology and human resources. For many companies costs can be managed better – and customer satisfaction improved – by outsourcing.

Read on to discover key reasons why it makes sense to turn over call centre operations to an outsourcer.

Cost Reduction

By using a boutique contact centre you’ll find your costs are tightly managed and that means your budget can be protected. Smaller outsourcers will generally have a dedicated team focused just on your account which enables better managed shift rotation and expertise.

Flexibility and Scalability

In-house call centres are at the mercy of periods of low volumes when agents are idle. Outsourced call centres can plan for call volume peaks and valleys, scheduling staff so they can work more efficiently and therefore reducing costs.

Outsourced call centres have the size and staff to ramp up quickly for seasonal activity or major campaigns.

Expert Management and Support Staff

Working with a boutique outsourcer means you’ll have dedicated Management and staff working only for your account. This brings a level of professionalism for your customers and an understanding of your product or service that isn’t going to be diluted by sharing the resource with other contact centre clients in the traditional model.

Data Collection and Insights

Any outsourcer worth their salt understands how vital the data and experience of the customer interaction is to improve the customer experience. Both qualitative and quantitative analysis can provide invaluable insights for you to improve not only the customer experience but also the product or service for development purposes.

Quality Monitoring and Control

The days of call duration being a key metric are rightly left in the dark ages, today the key to customer satisfaction is first point of contact resolution.

In-house contact centres often do not have the resources or structure to have continuous quality and performance improvement plans.

24/7 Service Delivery

Customers today want to have access to you when it suits them and that’s where outsourcing takes the pressure off the in-house proposition. Contact Centre outsourcers mainly adopt the ‘follow the sun’ approach to delivering customer support meaning your clients get the service they need when they need it.

Training and recruitment

This is a major benefit when considering outsourcing your contact centre. The challenge of finding the right people for an in-house operation is no joke whereas an outsourcer will have access to a labour market that’s experienced. Ongoing staff development is key to ensuring outstanding customer experience and working with an experienced outsourcer can elevate customer experience ongoing.

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