How we helped - contact centre
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How we helped is an online classifieds and community website and part of the eBay group. Classified ads are either free or paid for depending on the product category and the geographical market. It is now the UK’s largest website for local community classifieds and is one of the top 30 websites in the UK, receiving 22 million monthly unique visitors.


We managed an outsourced vendor on behalf of  Challenging and supporting the outsourcer to hit targets around fraud and customer support.

In addition we manage the customer support budget for Ensuring the department profit and loss was set up and monitored with an aim to reduce cost whilst improving service and reducing fraud.

NPS and Insights

An important part of our role was to setup’s NPS (net promoter score) results and insights.  Providing recommendations for the format and questions within the NPS survey to promote responses.  From these responses MadeYou profiled the comments and provided insights to’s product team.  Creating an environment whereby changes to were initiated off the back of core customer feedback.

“Luke Todd provided consultancy services managing’s customer services.  We worked together for 5 years and found the relationship to be professional and beneficial to our business.  Luke managed our outsource contract and has delivered improvements in our customers satisfaction and at the same time reduced costs.  The customer service team provides insights helping us to develop our product to enhance our customer experience.  Luke supported us delivering customer service across email, telephone, chat and social media in an omni-channel set up and has been creative and strategic to provide customers with a professional and consistent service.”

Gioia Manetti – COO UK

Improved Customer Experience & £1m saving

We worked with this eBay company for 4 years.  In that time, we have reduced annual costs by over £1m. We developed, implemented, launched and improved a live chat support process.  We have also introduced an effective phone support channel with automation where appropriate.  Working with vendors of customer support tools (e.g. NickelledClickTools), we implemented effectively to reduce unnecessary contacts into the business.

Staff and Culture Development

Through investing in the development of key staff with fraud potential, working with the most effective fraud vendors, we created a major focus on increasing staff accountability and reducing fraud.  Pushing the team to provide key insights that the fraud analysts worked from. We saw major improvements in the metrics surrounding site cleanliness.

Additionally, we created an environment conducive to improving site cleanliness and customer service stats. Achieving this through; restructuring, new job descriptions and recruitment, introducing performance management programs, and team leader training, driving a motivational atmosphere, and directing performance through a team of direct reports.  There was a major focus on improving communication within the outsourced team, as well as from the outsourced team back to Gumtree UK.