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Customer service and polishing the family silver

This is how MadeYou handles customer service outsourcing.

#ThisIsNotJust customer service outsourcing, this is MadeYou Outsource customer service outsourcing

‘If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them… Maybe you can hire The A-Team.’

So the lyrics to The A-Team went, which for anyone over the age of 40, can only mean one thing. Saturday evenings in front of the TV and Sunday afternoons with your mates spent arguing over whose turn it was to be B.A Baracus. And, trying to recreate ex-US Army weaponry from empty Fairy liquid bottles and elastic bands.

Pretty much universally loved. The A Team were the specialists to call ‘if you have a problem, and no one else can help.’

And that’s how we like to see ourselves at MadeYou Outsource. Shamelessly piggybacking on Marks and Spencer’s iconic strapline – #ThisIsNotJust customer service outsourcing, this is MadeYou Outsource customer service outsourcing.

So what do we mean by this and what makes MadeYou Outsource different?

Since 2015 when we first set up MadeYou Outsource we’ve been marketing our capabilities as the best of the best.

But we’ve taken a bit of time to reflect on this recently. We’ve realised that our messaging hasn’t been as accurate as it could have been.

Because we offer a bespoke customer service outsourcing equipped to take on your most valuable jobs to maximise your ROI. So let’s break this down so we can explain exactly what we mean here.

Discrete, time consuming, potentially difficult tasks

For example, you have a backlog of outstanding customer service tickets which you have been worrying about for some time. Outsource them to our highly trained, highly skilled customer service agents and they will turn potentially negative interactions into positive experiences for your customers and your brand.

Your VIP customer service care

All customers are important. But it is an undeniable fact that some are arguably more important than others simply because they are your high value income generators. However good your regular customer service team may be, we guarantee that the bespoke services provided by MadeYou Outsource’s highly experienced team will give you a greater ROI than your own team are able to.

Credit control

Disputes with your debtors inevitably have a deal of emotion tied up in them which can leave resolution taking longer than it should. Outsource your customer service around credit control to MadeYou Outsource and because your debtors will be dealing with a third party, instantly the psychodynamics of the situation will change for the better. Add in our team’s A grade negotiating skills and your credit control issues will no longer prove to be such a headache.

Responsible gambling provision

Looking after online gaming’s most vulnerable customers is a key requirement for all gaming companies. MadeYou Outsource’s bespoke team offers a unique mix of skills and experience overseen by Kelly McSherry, our Chief Operating Officer, a qualified psychotherapist and with specialist experience of dealing with addiction.

We are your customer service specialists

So to finish with a metaphor, would you entrust the cleaning of your family silver to your regular cleaner? Or would you, instead, turn instead to a specialist who you know will treat your most valuable possessions with the greatest of care and leave them looking at their absolute best? I think you know the answer to that one.

You can contact the head honcho of the A-Team (that’s Luke) by clicking here 🙂