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Facebook Marketing Campaign Magic!!

An 8000% Page Reach increase from a single Online Marketing Campaign.


BEN Malta Limited is Malta’s premier solution provider for high-quality garage doors, gates and motorised shutters. For the past 11 years they’ve provided some of the safest – and chicest – options for the security conscious customer. They approached MadeYou to help them out with professional Facebook marketing.

facebook, facebook marketing, facebook campaign, Malta

Here’s how it happened

The garage door market is surprisingly competitive, and just like every other industry social media can make or break the business. Online marketing can be a nightmare for even the most experienced companies, and BEN Malta were struggling to make the most of their digital presence.

Then fate intervened.

BEN Malta’s owner, Mr. David Busuttil, happened to be driving through Gudja when he spotted some strange monster mascot adorning an office window.

madeyou, madeyou smile, digital marketing, facebook marketing, Malta

Following a hunch, he parked his car and strolled inside. An hour later he walked out with a team of digital marketing wizards already constructing a Facebook campaign for him. Funny how things work out huh?

Speedy Facebook Marketing Results

Our MadeYou Smile team began working with BEN Malta on their Facebook marketing campaign in June 2019. We quickly identified the core problems with how BEN Malta had been using their social media and resolved them. By working together, and leaving the reins in our capable hands, we exponentially boosted their social media stats across the board – take a look!


Page Reach

  • May: 252
  • June: 20,160
  • Total increase: 8000% (yes, Eight THOUSAND)



  • May: 5678
  • June: 23,919
  • Total Increase: 421%


Post Reach:

  • May: 252
  • June: 20,142
  • Total Increase: 7993%



  • May: 127
  • June: 398
  • Total Increase: 313%


Dedicated digital marketing solutions that won’t break the bank

So how did we do it? Witchcraft.

…Okay but really.

We worked directly with BEN Malta to craft custom posts that get their message across clearly and cleanly. The campaign focused on increasing post engagement and reach; and we only spent €70 over four weeks on Facebook advertising itself.

It only took those few short weeks (and a tonne of dedication) for us to work our MadeYou magic. BEN Malta saw the near immediate difference an online marketing campaign can have on its social impact and sales.

This modest budget of €70 allowed us to successfully:

  • Heighten BEN Malta’s presence on Facebook
  • Increased the number of direct messages from customers asking for quotes
  • Ensured our custom posts reached as many people as possible


Along with this we also opened an Instagram account to ensure maximum exposure. Malta is hooked on Facebook, and Instagram is fast catching up. We knew a younger audience on Instagram would one day need BEN Malta’s exceptional service.


facebook marketing, online marketing, digital design, graphic design, Malta“Within a few days of MadeYou publishing our Facebook posts we could already see an improvement. More messages, views and engagement than we had been receiving in the past. Having a regular posting schedule with quality content has made a big difference for us. Ruben, our creative guy at MadeYou, especially listened to what we wanted and checked with us every step of the way as he created the content.” – David Bussutil


Let MadeYou Smile handle the hard marketing work

So if you need a helping hand concocting a Facebook marketing campaign, let fate take the wheel and contact MadeYou Smile today by emailing hello@madeyou.eu or calling 2703 5703