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What to do when cooking a Turkey.

Richard, our latest and greatest Training Manager, talks about new jobs, training and turkey.


It’s already been 7 months and the saying ‘time flies’ is certainly correct.

Joining a new company is always a step into the unknown. You read the website, you meet the people, but only after that first step on day one do you really get a feel for what it’s all about.

Rocking up on that first day and already having a desk, a laptop and even a mousepad with my name on it was amazing. Introductions were very casual, and looking around the room it was clear these people were friends rather than colleagues, all with talent in abundance.

After getting over my initial nerves I jumped in feet first and started learning the training ‘decks’ (Powerpoint slides).

Having worked as a Training Manager for a large financial institute, I was so used to documented, saved and regimented training scripts. “Obviously all companies do this” I thought, “Right?”

Well the others might, but not MadeYou.

The decks were…pictures, pictures and more pictures! Not a script in sight. It was only after observing a session delivered by both Luke & Kelly did I think “Ahh OK so that’s how they do it!”

The delivery method is about sharing experiences and passing knowledge onto others. The examples used are ones that Luke, Kelly and I have lived through. Adapting was difficult in the beginning, but I feel that I’ve crossed the bridge and can finally deliver in my own style and help bring the MadeYou Grow brand to life.

training, management training, Malta, business development, Most days we’re out and about training with all kinds of different companies on the Island. It’s great meeting people who are eager to learn and enhance what they do; but the best feeling is when they come back and book more training. Noticing the improvements people have made over the weeks, helping them implement the skills they’ve picked up, there’s a real satisfaction to it.

We’re always preparing new courses and rejuvenating popular ones. Whenever the chance to be in the office comes around we’re all working to improve and move things along. Nothing stays stagnant on the shelf. It really helps having the other departments within the team; getting a fresh perspective from people with different experiences and talents.

The next few months I look forward to getting more decks under my belt and meeting new customers.


Oh yes, the turkey… Well that’s how it all started, my interview was scheduled Christmas Eve. I fit it in around cooking dinner for 8 people…The turkey was lovely and 2019 certainly promised to be a great year!

Love, Richard.