Find the perfect employee: Creating better Job advertisements
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Job Vacancy Marketing vs Job Advertising: Running a successful recruitment campaign on social media

Don’t just advertise your job openings, Market them!

If you’re a company based in Malta then you already know how painful finding skilled staff can be. Between a small working population and some of the lowest unemployment rates in Europe: you’re about as likely to find a new employee as you are to find a road with no potholes.

So how did MadeYou manage to get over 50 quality applications in just 24 hours?

And how can we do the same for you?

Putting your personality forward.

MadeYou knows that you get back what you put out. We designed a campaign that focused on who we are as a team and as a business. We wanted to project our company culture with the adverts we posted to social media. Our commitment to creativity, flexibility and a little bit of quirkiness. We distilled those values into our job postings, and used our years of experience in online marketing to ensure that everybody who’s anybody saw them.



Beyond looking for talent and creativity, we wanted people who would fit with our company culture. Having the necessary skillset is important, but the ability to mesh with your existing team members cannot be overstated.

The results speak for themselves, not only did we get a surge of calls and e-mails applying for jobs, but we’ve successfully hired 3 new team-mates , including a new customer service agent, a digital marketing guru, and copywriter (That’s me!)

Choosing MadeYou over recruitment agencies

Our success was no fluke, but the product of years of experience and careful application of digital marketing techniques. By working with us, you’ll receive:

  • Bespoke graphic design that reflects the heart of your company.
  • An online marketing campaign across Maltese web-space, targeted at finding talented individuals that suit your needs and culture.
  • Marketing gurus who’ll work directly with you to make sure you attract the right applicants.


Hiring new employees isn’t just about filling vacancies. The right person can help your organisation grow. Grow your business, improve relations with customers, and generate new ideas from a fresh perspective. We believe that investing in people is the wisest investment you’ll ever make.

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“Companies are struggling with recruitment because the environment we live in is very digital. Gone are the old-school job vacancies and job boards, it’s really done through social. Companies are aware that they need to be advertising on social media, but they’re sending the wrong messages, and all these job postings look exactly the same. When you’re struggling to get applications it’s because you’re not talking to anyone, not understanding who you should be talking to, and not treating it like marketing. You’re marketing a job, at the end of the day.” – Luke Todd Co-founder of MadeYou


Want to work with us?

So if you need help finding new staff let MadeYou Smile design your job listings. After all, their ads convinced yours truly to apply; and we could work the same magic for you (Not… not me exactly, I’m taken, but thank you)

If you ARE a growing company, and need some professional training to make the most of your business, we do that too! Click here now to find out how we can help with your recruitment.