How to avoid writing about yourself like a pro -
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How to avoid writing about yourself like a pro

I’m bad at writing about myself.

That seems ironic, given that my bachelor’s degree was in Communications, I script movies and tv for fun, and my job is literally “copywriter”

But there’s a big difference between being given a topic to write about, and having to put words to my own experience as a person. If you talk too much about yourself you come across as pretentious, if you play yourself down too much you risk sounding self-denigrating. Straddling that balance is…difficult!

I’m at my best when I get to write about other things. Tell me to write about caterpillars and I’ll have a sourced, 500-word article on ‘10 ways to encourage Metamorphosis’ in a couple of hours. But ask me to talk about Patrick? What do you want to know? Blood type? Star Sign? What my last meal would be? Why? No offence (to…myself) But there are SO many more interesting things to talk about.

Language is a vessel for capturing the beauty in everything. I’ve worked hard to master English so I can express my love for the world around me. Our universe is a miracle, a coincidence of fate and science that allowed for every wonderful and terrible thing we know to exist. We walk upon an Earth that spins around an enormous ball of fire as it’s hurled through an endless, infinite cosmos. We are witnesses to life, the pulsing heart of everything, a force divided into thousands of species split into billions of beings, tied together by the common threads of survival and reproduction.

In our brief time in the galaxy, the human race has created art! Music, poetry, theatre, literature. We’ve collected and told an unknowable number of stories about ourselves, our gods, and our world. Together we have uncovered and studied the mysteries of the universe, and we’re still nowhere near close to understanding it all. Humanity has harnessed the power of lightning, carved homes out of solid rock and learned to communicate with anyone, absolutely anyone, no matter the distance.

And with all those wonders around us… You want me to talk about myself? Sure, I guess.

My name is Patrick. I’m MadeYou’s newest Copywriter. Working here has been a fantastic experience so far, and they really let me express myself (obviously). I’m an optimist, a lover of stories, and a little nervous by nature. Blood Type 0-, Leo, and pizza with chicken and anchovies would be my last meal.

So what would you like to talk about?