Helping those in need with the Foodbank Lifeline Foundation -
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Helping those in need with the Foodbank Lifeline Foundation

Foodbank Lifeline foundation

Nothing brings a smile to people’s faces like food! And smiles are what we are ALL about 😃. Richard, one of our fabulous trainers, organised a food-drive in the office, and we’ve been building up a collection of donations to give to the Foodbank Lifeline Foundation

We hope this gift of food and supplies offers some comfort and happiness to whoever receives it.

Do your part to help out your community. It only takes a moment to donate, and a little bit of food can go a long way. The Foodbank is always in need of both cash donations, and food supplies.

You can donate money here.

And if you want a look at what kind of food is good for donation, they’ve got a handy shopping list right here.

You can even drop off some food after your weekly shop at these local supermarkets!

  • Valyou Supermarket, Naxxar
  • Valyou Supermarket, Mellieha
  • Smart Supermarket, Birkirkara
  • Pama Supermarket,  Mosta


Organising food drives through your office is a great way to help out. If you, or anybody you know, is struggling to find food this summer, please direct them towards the Foodbank Lifeline Foundation to see if they can help.