Customer Service by MadeYou Outsource - Small, Dedicated, Quirky
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MadeYou Outsource- Making sure your customers don’t get lost in the noise of huge call centre.

Big things in Small Packages.

When searching for an outsource team to handle your customer service, you need to remember what really matters – Your Customers. Ask yourself, How can I ensure that my clients receive the best service? What can we be doing to improve their experience?  And who am I going to trust to manage all of their day-to-day needs?

Well, us… naturally 😉

Small, dedicated… quirky

MadeYou Outsource is a small team of customer obsessed service agents. We have 3-4 team members at any given time on any given account and that small size is our biggest strength.

A small team lets you have direct contact with the individual agents handling your account – allowing you hands-on management of your outsource team. And they are your team; we work as an extension of your business. Our location in the gorgeous island of Malta only puts us one hour ahead of the UK time zone, so we’re available for video-conferences and one-on-one meetings.

And we don’t just offer phenomenal customer service. We’re professionals with years of experience in the industry – and can provide insight into what your clients need and how we can give it to them. You couldn’t get this amount of expertise, knowledge and commitment with a bigger provider.

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Ring-fenced outsource work at your disposal

There are going to be periods when you’ll only need to outsource specific sections of your business, as opposed to the whole thing. For example, Gumtree, one of our previous clients needed MadeYou Outsource to:

  • Keep up with social media messages exclusively.
  • Exclusively handle fraud complaints.
  • Moderate adverts to ensure they followed company guidelines.
  • Created branding guides on how to communicate with customers.


But some of the work we’ve done with other clients was:

  • Provide customer support via emails, live-chat, calls, and social media.
  • Handle calls, but not in-app messages.


You might be asking yourself, “If I’m already doing my own C.S, why would I outsource a part of it?”

Some C.S skills aren’t transferable. We’re flexible and adaptable, and have experience working in every aspect of the business. Ring-fencing specific roles means that they get more attention, more time, and more development.

Hiring for excellence

At MadeYou we believe that excellence is built on the backs of our people. We’re very picky about who we hire, and they need to be a good cultural fit. Specific skills can be taught, but there’s no replacing a genuine, intelligent and empathic personality. We seek out those who’ll reflect our company values, and truly care about your customers.

Contact us to see how we can improve your business

With a focused and dedicated team your customers will receive a quality service; and you won’t get a huge bill. So, if you’re in need of some truly talented outsourced team-members, get in touch with us today!

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