A Vintage Style and A Warm Heart. Emma Joins MadeYou! - MadeYou.eu
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A Vintage Style and A Warm Heart. Emma Joins MadeYou!


Emma Joined MadeYou just a little over a month ago as one our Digital Marketing Guru’s. A fabulous artist and incredible photographer, her style & perspective have already made her an indispensable member of the team.

Emma, venice, photography

“I love collecting things and making lists. My bedroom wall is covered with pictures I’ve taken, old postcards and quotes that inspire me. I’ve got a lot of vintage accessories like bags and radios and cameras – you can learn a lot about an era by the different designs that were popular at the time, and I try to bring those classic styles into the present.”

Beneath that quiet Gozitan exterior lies a creative powerhouse brimming with new ideas. Her keen eye has already landed her an internship at the prestigious La Biennale di Venezia – The 58th International Art Exhibition. She’ll be helping to represent Malta at the Biennale over the next few months.

We wish her happiness and success in all her endeavours ❤️