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Becoming Inspired: Social Media Management for the local NGO

An Inspiring Connection

The Inspire Foundation is one of Malta’s most beloved charity organisations. Their tireless work has helped hundreds of people with disabilities live their best and most fulfilling lives; and their incredible staff are truly dedicated to the cause.

MadeYou has had the privilege and delight to be Inspire’s third party social media manager for the past year, and we thought we’d take this opportunity to highlight some of the fantastic work we’ve done together.

Social Media Management and So Much More

When you’re a national NGO with over 1000 clients, your time and energy needs to go into helping those clients.

Inspire partnered with MadeYou Smile to co-ordinate and manage their social media platforms, allowing them to focus all their attention into doing even more great work.

Maintaining a social media presence takes time, resources, and manpower away from the people that charities like Inspire are devoted to helping. And social media is still a vital part of any charity organisation, helping to bring awareness to the masses, and opening an easy point of contact with the public.

Inspire worked closely with our own Erika, one of MadeYou’s Lead Digital Guru’s, to ensure all their programs, events and campaigns got the love and attention they deserve. Check it out!

Autism Awareness Month


We get to focus on what we enjoy and we’re good at; using our quirky creative spark to shine a spotlight on something utterly fantastic! We’ve had the opportunity to design:

  • Newsletters
  • Posters
  • Banners
  • Roll-ups
  • Business cards
  • Google Ads


And we’re looking forward to helping out Inspire with anything they need in the future!


Erika, one of our Digital Marketing Leads, has been Inspire’s point of contact and primary designer for the past year. Here’s what she had to say about the experience

Social Media Manager“Inspire is my baby! Working with them has been an exciting challenge; one that I’ve grown quite passionate about. I believe that in the past 13 months, a truly magnificent working relationship was formed. I really value our discussions, brainstorming sessions and feedback. Inspire has not only helped me become better at my job but also made me aware that there’s a lot more to disability than I ever imagined. I am very lucky and grateful to have worked so closely with the people behind this incredible foundation” Erika Buttigieg – Lead Digital Guru – MadeYou


And it seems like the feeling is mutual!

The Inspire Foundation“I have had the pleasure of working together with the MadeYou team for just over a year now. I have found them to be creative, open to suggestion & constructive feedback as well as efficient in their output. I have worked particularly closely with Erika Buttigieg who is their Lead Digital Guru. Erika has been a star! We have developed a great working relationship. I absolutely loved the programme Newsletters that she designed for us & the fact that she comes over to take pics & experience first-hand what is going on so as to be able to promote the great work & achievements here at Inspire.”  Paula Doumanov – Chief Services Officer – Inspire


“It has been a pleasure for Inspire Foundation to work with MadeYou- they really know what they are talking about and have helped our organisation’s profile to grow. The team has the digital and creative skillset that produce the desired results, time and time again. They are highly recommended!”  Therese Bonnici Marketing – PR and Fundraising Executive – Inspire



Fighting to be seen in a digital age

The Internet and Social media have fundamentally changed how society operates. With every person, business, politician and service constantly vying for one another’s attention, it’s difficult for a non-profit organisations to get noticed.

This is exactly why MadeYou enjoys working with Inspire. It allows us to use our quirky creative energy for a cause that gives everyone the warm and fuzzies.

If you’re an NGO or charity looking to make a splash on social media and stir up some awareness for your campaigns, give MadeYou a call! We’re always happy to do work for a good cause, and won’t break the bank to do so 😉

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