MadeYou Smile Greatest Hits 2019 -
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MadeYou Smile Greatest Hits 2019

MadeYou has grown bigger and faster than we could have ever imagined when we began just a short three years ago.

It’s been a particularly phenomenal year for MadeYou Smile, our creative design and social media marketing department.

We want to take this opportunity to thank all of our fantastic clients for trusting and working with us over the past years. We hope our quirky team has delivered everything you hoped for and more!

Now let’s look back at some of our favourite moments from the past year!

Autism Awareness Month with Inspire

It feels great when we can use these marketing skills of ours for something completely and objectively good.

MadeYou is honoured to help The Inspire Foundation with their cause. The good work performed by the foundation has increased the happiness and quality of life of people living with disabilities all over Malta and Gozo. Their dedication is an endless beacon of hope in today’s world.

Check out some of the work we did with them over April’s Autism Awareness Month campaign!

Autism Awareness Month

Royal Malta Golf Club Membership Drive

We’ve been spicing up their social media for the better part of two years, and they’ve been helping us with our swing for just as long 😉

Earlier this year the RMGC wanted to boost membership by filling out two different open day events. We worked together to come up with a social media campaign that targeted specific audiences that would want to join, and focused on the health benefits of golfing.

Golf promotion

We had hoped to increase engagement and gain a few new members. But the result? Both events were completely booked out! AND check out the insane increase in engagement on their Facebook page:

royal malta golf club

Safe to say we’re pretty proud of this one 😉

3PlexAero Wall Art.

We’ve had the pleasure to work with 3PLEX AERO for about half a year now, helping to get their social media presence off the ground 😉

What we’re most proud of however, is the massive full-size wall art we created for their Gudja office! Check it out!

We threw everything we had at this exciting project. Designed in house, printed locally, and our team oversaw the entire installation process.

FHRD Conference with Friends of The Earth Malta

Every year MadeYou attends the annual Foundation for Human Resources Conference. We wanted to do something different with our stall in 2019… and used the opportunity to further a good cause!

MadeYou partnered with Friends of The Earth Malta and donated money for every e-mail address we received at our stall. All proceeds went towards planting new trees in Malta.

But making sure we grabbed ALL the attention at the conference required a little star power. So, our MadeYou Smile design team put tremendous effort into crafting a stall, banners and promotional videos around a friendly green theme. Take a look at the results!

And of course, we made good on our promise!

Just doing our part to make Malta a little greener 😉

Cool, Creative and Quirky, our new friends in MadeYou Smile


Business can often make monsters of men. When you focus solely on the bottom line at the expense of all else, you forget what really matters in life – The people around you. MadeYou is happy and proud to say that our biggest investment is always in quality of people that we work with.

A shining personality, an openness to learn, and a colourful sense of humour are the most important things we look for when hiring new staff. We’re happy to announce that this policy has been a resounding success!


Julian, Emma and Patrick only started working with the MadeYou Smile creative department a short while ago, but they’re already making waves. Patrick and Emma are recently graduated, and putting the skills they learned at University to the ultimate test! While Julian had been with our Outsource department for over a year before he decided to use his photographers’ eye and natural flair for the benefit of our design team.

Looking forward to working with you all more in the future!

A Bigger and Better 2020

2019 has shown us what we’re really made of! 💪 2020 is going to be about taking advantage of whatever opportunities come our way, and conquering any obstacle in our path.

And finally, to our designers… The work you do is unparalleled. Your friendship, resourcefulness, loyalty and good humour has made all of this possible. Thank you for all your incredible work.

Want to help us in our plan for design world domination? Then give us a ring on +356 2703 5703, e-mail us at, or click here to fill in our contact form. Maybe you’ll become our latest greatest hit 😉


Interested in the work our other departments have done? We’ve put together a 2019 round-up for our Training department MadeYou Grow. And one for our Human Resources Consultancy team MadeYou Think.