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MadeYou is a training and development consultancy, offering a unique combination of skills, experience, and expertise which will blow your mind but not your budget. Our purpose is to share our expertise, improve people's lives and make businesses stronger, by helping you add value to your organisation.
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360° Feedback Seminar: Here’s what you missed

Are your ideas for improving things recognised, heard, and built upon?

Does your workplace invest in you, train you, and make the most of your strengths?

Do you feel like your value is recognised by the entire business, not just your manager?


That was the topic of a certain business seminar held last Friday at the Hilton. Ordinarily, the words ‘business seminar’ conjure images of grey faced businessmen droning about quarterly profit margins to an equally grey audience. But this was anything but ordinary. Donned in bright red and blue, the two co-founders  of MadeYou spoke passionately about how to improve any workplace through a ‘360° Feedback Culture’.



The seminar described 360° feedback as a method where workers give and receive feedback to each other, to their direct reports, to their managers, and to themselves through self-assessment. By pooling different sources of constructive criticism and positive feedback (and being instructed in how to properly give and receive criticism) workers obtain an objective appraisal on their performance and strengths as well as those of others, including their managers and CEO’s.

The two co-founders of MadeYou, Luke Todd and Kelly McSherry, explained through examples and fun activities how opening up the lines of communication in your company can serve to improve things – both fiscally and personally.

Using these techniques over time changes the culture of an office. In a 360° feedback culture, workers are comfortable and confident in speaking their minds for the good of the company. It also highlights each worker’s individual strengths, which a talented HR manager can use to arrange training, promotion, or lateral movement to better utilise that person.


’You cannot get to the right place with the wrong people. Identify the best people in your organisation and then invest in them; so they can become the next leaders of the business and will have the capacity to grow the business.’’  – Luke Todd Co-founder of MadeYou

The overarching message was that when workers feel like they’re being trusted, trained, and (most importantly) heard, they become more engaged in their jobs. Companies that have invested in this model have seen a 20% increase in productivity, and vastly reduced staff turnover.


Special guest speaker Sarah Camilleri, Head of HR at GO, talked positively about her experiences working with MadeYou to develop this 360° feedback culture.


’I couldn’t do it without Luke and Kelly’’ – Sarah Camilleri – Head of HR at GO

Both Luke and Kelly have long histories in senior operational management. Their methods are backed up with experience and case studies from both local and foreign businesses. The person-centric approach to business is prevalent throughout all of MadeYou’s eclectic mix of services; professional development and training, social media marketing, one-to-one coaching and customer service outsourcing.  And they’re also offering full support and consultancy for any organisation wishing to employ this new method of feedback.

Interested in transforming your company’s culture?