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360° Feedback

MadeYou believes in the art of giving and receiving feedback as part of instilling an open culture- which is why we’re so pleased to offer our 360 Feedback experience to you and your team.

How Does It Work?

Through self-assessment and a full 360 survey, plus 1-2-1s before and after the results are collated, we can ensure your team are fully equipped to improve their own performance and chances of progression as well as that of their direct reports.

Why Use 360° Feedback?

Commonly used as a development tool, the program can provide a holistic view of individuals by gathering feedback from people they work and interact with.

What Is 360° Used for?

  • To support individuals’ development areas
  • To gather and understand the perspective of others
  • To create and foster a feedback culture within your organisation

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Take on a Feedback Culture

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