Talent Development & Management/Leadership Training MadeYou.eu 2019
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MadeYou would like to invite you to a free seminar being held on Friday 6th December at 1pm at the Hilton Hotel in Portomaso.


The seminar will be focused on using 360° feedback to help evolve a feedback culture within your business; and how this can improve performance at all levels of your company.


Our presenters, Luke Todd and Kelly McSherry, are the founders of MadeYou and have decades of operational management experience. Together they’ve designed, refined and delivered 360° programmes across Malta and Europe. They’ve helped companies evolve a constructive feedback culture working hand-in-hand with HR Teams.


We will also have Sarah Camilleri, Head of HR at GO Plc, presenting her experience working to develop this culture at GO with a workforce of 700+ people. Learn from her experience and insights on this ever evolving process.


The seminar will cover:


  • What is 360° feedback and how can it improve communication at the workplace?
  • The top down approach – from everyone from C-Level to Entry Level employees.
  • How adopting a positive psychology approach develops open communication and feedback.
  • The evolution of a feedback culture, what it means, and how it drives better performance.
  • Benefits of the 360° approach and cross function collaboration.
  • Sarah Camilleri – The 360° feedback evolution at GO plc.


The focus of the seminar is how businesses can deliver a 360° feedback process to develop a work environment of open communication. We’ll talk about it from an operational management perspective and how that can work hand-in-hand with HR to get clear, practical and meaningful results.


Refreshments will also be provided.


To reserve your place at the seminar please email sue@madeyou.eu with the names of those attending.


Looking forward to seeing you there,


Luke Todd & Kelly McSherry.


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Register your FREE spaces now!



Email Sue on sue@madeyou.eu


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