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360 Feedback

All About the 360 Feedback Program

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Knowledge is indeed power when it comes to running a business. All the ‘open-door’ policies in the world can’t guarantee that you and your managers have the full picture.

How many employees do you know that would give truly honest feedback to their superiors if asked face to face? And how many managers do you know that ask for personal feedback from their reports?

Our 360 Programme provides a wealth of knowledge for you, your managers and their teams. Carefully executed, we leave negativity at the door and ensure that only genuinely constructive, valuable feedback is given to each employee.

Make sure your company is on track and ready to face 2021 – read on to find out more.

What’s the aim of the 360 Feedback Programme?

The 360 Programme is a great opportunity to start the year with information that will help your teams focus on their personal development for the rest of the year which is why it has significant value if done in Q4-Q2. 

By providing an intelligent, confidential way for colleagues to provide feedback, a company gains valuable insight into the current situation and overall health of the organisation.

Through self-assessment and a full 360 survey, plus 1-2-1s before and after the results are collated, we can ensure your team are fully equipped to improve their own performance and chances of progression as well as that of their direct reports.

What are the benefits?

Our MadeYou-designed 360 Feedback Programme benefits you and your team in that it encourages and motivates the individuals that make up your company to feel invested, to improve, grow and become more self-aware.

Ultimately, the business benefits from improved performance based on the following:

  • The individuals gain deeper insights into their own strengths and development areas 
  • The managers gain a deeper insight into how the individuals self-assessed their strengths and development areas 
  • The individuals and managers, with the help of our coaches, can then structure a personalised training and development plan 
  • HR and management gain an insight into what roles the individual is suited for, their potential to progress and their development areas- which can then be utilised for performance management

As opposed to standard performance reviews that you may hold regularly, the 360 Feedback Programme focuses on not if the work was done but how– and, just as importantly, how an individual’s methods or styles affect their colleagues and their performance.

The programme also carried the benefit of hearing feedback on an individual not just from their manager, but from their peers, their direct reports and from their own self-assessment; all such valuable information and insight. Outsourcing the programme to MadeYou also means that your HR staff can participate fully and objectively.

What does the programme entail?

Here are the nuts and bolts of the MadeYou 360 Feedback Programme:

  • Self-Assessment Survey: Completed by all individuals going through the programme, with questions that differ from the 360 Questionnaire they will complete re their peers and managers (this is key- more on that later)
  • 1-2-1 Coaching Session: Here we go over the self-assessment results and align self-awareness 
  • Build of Online 360 Survey
  • Manager Coaching Session: In this session, we go over the self-assessment results of each of the manager’s direct reports
  • Distribution of the 360 Feedback Survey
  • Audit of the 360 Feedback: We go through the responses to ensure we focus on constructive feedback only
  • Review of the 360 Reports: We review the reports for each individual to highlight key strengths and key development areas 
  • Distribution of the 360 Feedback Reports 
  • Follow up Meeting: We hold 1-2-1 meetings with the individuals to discuss the feedback results and sense-check against their self-assessment results 
  • Managers’ Follow up Meeting: We hold 1-2-1 meetings with the managers of the individuals to highlight key strengths, key development areas and potential of each of their direct reports with the focus on building an individualistic personal development plan 

The time invested on your side is kept to a minimum as all aspects of the programme can be carried out online, including the 1-2-1 sessions if that’s what’s preferred.

The time invested on our side includes fairly intensive processes- the reason for this is that we want to make sure the individuals receiving feedback can focus on the constructive feedback received and truly grow through the experience.  By doing it our way, you receive a very individualistic programme with genuine benefits.

What makes our programme different?

We (Luke and Kelly- MadeYou’s Founders), come from an Operational background with years of experience in managing managers as well as large teams of direct reports.

We have a great understanding of who is likely to jump at the chance to participate, who will run for the hills and who will simply refuse as they ‘don’t need feedback. We also know how to approach these archetypal characters to ensure that they too benefit from the programme and can participate fully and happily.

Many 360 programmes are run by HR consultancies- we believe that our extensive experience and operational mindset allows us to avoid the pitfalls they inevitably encounter.

Here’s a glimpse at what we do differently:

  • We avoid self-assessment questionnaires that are the same or similar to the 360 surveys in order to limit gamification by the individual (swaying the results to achieve the desired result). Instead, we use the Gallup Strengthsfinder process, enabling us to firstly, gain self-assessment results to cross-reference against the 360 Feedback results and secondly, to provide the individual with an amazing insight into their strengths, development areas and potential.
  • We feedback the self-assessment to the individual and align on it before going into the survey.
  • The survey questions are designed so that no matter what department the individual is from, it will make sense- no jargon is used that could be confusing to different teams.
  • We audit the survey results before presenting the information back to make sure nothing purely negative is included. We only allow positive or constructive feedback in the reports to ensure the individuals have a positive experience that can be learned from.
  • Feedback on the report is given to each individual before the report is actually sent to them; ensuring that they understand what they are reading and do not rush to quick judgements. For example; someone who downplays themselves may have a tendency to see everything as negative while ignoring the positive, and someone who is overly confident may take the constructive feedback very personally and then not see any value in the programme.

A little more on the Gallup Strengthsfinder process…

Not everyone will have heard of the Strengthsfinder process so let us fill you in on why it’s such a fantastic tool when it comes to self-assessment.

The Gallup Strengthsfinder assessment enables you to identify the areas where you and/or your team have the greatest strengths- and potential for building strength. It’s a positive approach that focusses on the skills and abilities of an individual rather than ratting out the negatives.

This self-awareness can only be a great thing. The more you know about what makes you tick and where your natural abilities lie, the more chance you have of utilising that knowledge for success. When it comes to teamwork, if you’re more aware of how each individual can work as part of a wider puzzle, then you can promote more harmonious and effective working strategies. For example, if a particular task comes in that requires a certain mindset, wouldn’t it be amazing to know exactly who in your team would be best suited for the work at hand? Equally, why ask someone to flog away at a project they’re not naturally suited to when their skills could be utilised elsewhere; boosting productivity and making for a happier workforce?

“Employees who do not work in strengths areas are only 9% engaged in their jobs vs. 74% engagement levels for people who do work in their strengths. Further, engagement has been proven to substantially increase productivity for the company.”  Strengths-Based Leadership by Tom Rath and Barry Conchie.   

The Nitty Gritty

The cost for the 360 Feedback Programme is just €622 for each individual receiving the 360 feedback.   

Let’s give you an example to demonstrate just what great value that is.

If the CEO is the only one participating:

  • He/she would do their self-assessment and subsequent 1-2-1
  • His/her 5 feedback givers would complete the bespoke 360 Survey
  • We would collate the feedback into 360 Reports and also do a full breakdown of focus areas to maintain, improve and work on- all tailored just for him
  • We would hold a follow up 1-2-1 before providing the reports


All of this would be completed for the one-off fee of €622 (exc. VAT)- that’s great value in anyone’s book.

You can find out more, request a bespoke quote based on your company structure by sending an e-mail to

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