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One-to-One Coaching

Set and achieve meaningful goals by getting a better understanding of yourself.

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Do You Find Yourself at a Professional Crossroads and Don't Know What to Do?

Being stuck in a rut happens to the best of us. It can happen at any stage of our lives or careers.

If you typically like your job but feel uninspired or are looking for a change altogether, figuring it out alone can be tough! This overwhelming feeling will prevent you from making the necessary moves and will keep you stuck in place with no plan for moving forward.

We Can Help!

One-on-one coaching will help you see your current path in a new light and open your eyes to possibilities you might not have seen before. Our qualified coaches will hold you accountable, track your progress, and make sure you accomplish what you set out to do.

Learning Outcomes

What to expect

We start with the Gallup’s Top 34 CliftonStrengths, which first-time clients must take. This helps the person learn more about themselves and shows us which coach is best suited to work with them. We’ll then have regular, private sessions where we’ll use the GROW method to help you identify and capitalise on your strengths to realise your ambitions.

Through 1:1 Coaching you will:

  • Learn what your long-term goals are or should be.
  • Discover how to balance your goals and expectations against the reality of your situation.
  • Explore the different avenues to success.
  • Cultivate the willpower which allows you to succeed.

Push Your Business Forward


Let’s start with a FREE consultation to understand your needs.


Get a personalised strategy for achieving your goals.


Develop your concepts, ideas, and plans into tangible results.

Ignoring Difficult Career Decisions Will Stagnate You

Trying something new, especially if you’re unsure of what to expect, can be terrifying.

Yet, your growth as an individual will be stifled if you lack the confidence to take the next step forward. Work life will start feeling stressful and begin to seep into your personal life if you stay in your comfort zone for too long.

Navigate Through Career Transitions Effectively

Once you recognise what you value in a job and the strengths you bring to the table, you’ll be able to approach your role with confidence. You’ll understand what sets you apart from others (a.k.a. the competition). And when you have a clear idea of what you want, it will be much easier to set and achieve your goals.

we don't like to brag, but

we're changing the game

For the past 12 months, I've had the privilege of benefiting from 1:1 sessions with Richard. Throughout this period, my role has evolved significantly. Richard played an instrumental role in guiding my transition from a team member to a manager and eventually to a team lead.

Time2play MediaContent Strategy Lead, 2023

Great coaching skills from Kate! I had monthly sessions with Kate, and straight away, she identified areas I could work on, and we looked at those in great detail. She looked at my skills and told me how to apply them to negotiate better and turn down my emotions during negotiation.

Play'n GOKey Account Manager, 2024

As my first proper experience in a management position, I needed a lot of general advice to deal with the new situations I was encountering in my day-to-day job. Richard gave me the tools to deal with a range of scenarios, such as providing feedback to different characters and how to set up important meetings like 1:1s. I am far more equipped for the position I'm in now.

Web International ServicesLead Product Manager, 2024


Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept bank transfers, PayPal, and Revolut.

Can I apply for funding?

Unfortunately, One-to-One Coaching Program is not covered by funding schemes.

Where are the sessions held?

Sessions can be held face-to-face or remotely, depending on your location and/or preference.

What type of coaching do you offer?

Our one-to-one coaching services can be categorised into two: business coaching and career coaching. Business coaching helps individuals optimise and move beyond the areas they’re stuck on in their current role. While career coaching helps individuals get clarity on what roles they should move into by helping them understand where to focus on in their development journey.

Can I apply as a private individual?

Sure! An individual can either pursue coaching privately (often requested for career coaching), request coaching through their business or even be nominated by someone from their business.

Are the sessions confidential?

Yes, all sessions are confidential. When carrying out business coaching, we discuss feedback and progress with the individual’s manager, but we never share information from the coaching sessions. It is fundamental that each person we work with feels safe, knowing they can express themselves freely without the fear of retribution.

How frequent are the sessions?

This depends on the challenges the individual is currently facing. Generally, we recommend no more frequent than every fortnight and no less frequent than every 5 weeks. In this time frame, the client has enough space and time to process and put into action anything they’ve learned in the previous session.




x1 Coaching Session
+ CliftonStrengths



x1 Coaching Session



x3 Coaching Sessions

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x6 Coaching Sessions
+ CliftonStrengths



x10 Coaching Sessions

Career Changer


x3 Career Coaching Sessions
+ CliftonStrengths

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