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Understanding Your Team

Create an engaging environment for your team by understanding where each member shines!

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Are You Struggling To Find Out What Makes Your Team Tick?

Managing a team can be challenging. You must ensure your team is engaged and keep productivity levels high while juggling your workload.

It’s even more complicated if you don’t play into your team’s strengths. When employees aren’t put in areas where they can excel, they will often feel bored and unmotivated – leaving you feeling like you’re not cut out for your role.

We'll Help You Align Your Team's Strengths To Their Roles

We’ll make it easy for you to find your team’s strengths using the CliftonStrengths assessment tool. You’ll learn how to spot what drives your team members so you can be sure you’re putting the right people in the right roles.

You’ll allow your team members to approach necessary feedback positively, express themselves more honestly and make better work-related decisions.

Learning Outcomes

What to expect

We’ll start with the ClifftonStrengths assessment and follow up with a coaching session with each team member. Our coaching session will allow us to customise our approach to ensure your specific goals are addressed and met.


  • CliftonStrengths Top 34 for the team members.
  • CliftonStrengths Top 34 for manager.
  • x1 Coaching Session with each team member explaining the CliftonStrengths Top 34 report.
  • x1 Coaching Session with the manager explaining the CliftonStrengths Top 34 report.


  • x1 Coaching Session with the manager explaining the team’s profile and how they could refocus their team.


  • x1 Coaching Session with the whole team explaining the team’s profile.

  • Optional Team-Building Day Add-on.

With delegates now having an understanding of their own strengths and their teammates’ strengths, these team-building sessions will be tailor-made for any group size and built around a foundation of CliftonStrengths techniques.

Push Your Business Forward With These 3 Simple Steps


Let’s start with a FREE consultation to understand your needs.


Become an even better manager by discovering your team’s talents.


Improve your team’s dynamics and increase collaboration.

Don’t waste the talent you already have!

While the end goal of the business is what you’re striving to reach, it’ll be hard to achieve if your team members aren’t motivated to perform their best.

If you put your employees in roles that don’t fit their talent, their energy and passion will dwindle, making their performance suffer. Talented employees that do not feel driven in their workplace may switch departments or find work that motivates them elsewhere.

Strong Teams Are The Catalyst For Business Successes

Once you understand what motivates your employees and when they’re working at their best, you’ll be able to create an engaging environment for them.

Putting the right people in the right positions means you’ll have a well-oiled machine ready to tackle whatever comes your way. Best of all, you’ll facilitate a work culture of satisfied, productive employees – and that’s good for business!

we don't like to brag, but

we're changing the game

Doing a structured, group “Strengths” session with Richard was a fantastic way to recap/refresh each individual’s Strengths, allow people to discover how they worked differently than their peers, brought out areas of friction in wholly new and constructive ways, and overall was a great way for me as their manager to understand each person better and have a much clearer picture of the way the team worked and interacted.

Hero GamingChief Marketing Officer, 2021

One of the highlights for me was that my team leaders were asked to decide themselves who would be the best fit for various different tasks. Furthermore, it showed all of us what we need from each other to fully utilise our Strengths as a team and how to make our weaker areas work as a team. I can suggest this course to any manager!

MegaPixel GroupHead of Customer Support, 2021

As a manager and leader, it has helped me tremendously to see which people can evolve, and based on Luke’s entire analysis, I have also adjusted the structure within my team to ensure that our talents are better expressed, but also to see which talents we can complement with others in the future so that everyone can develop further.

betFirstCMO, 2022


Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept bank transfers, PayPal, and Revolut.

Can I apply for funding?

Unfortunately, our Strengths-Based Solutions are not covered by funding schemes.

People from the team or the manager already have their Top 34 Strengths. Do they need to retake the test?

No. If we don’t have access to their results, we can send them an email authorising access.

What is the research behind the CliftonStrengths assessment?

Based on a 40-year study of human strengths, Gallup created a language of the 34 most common talents and developed the CliftonStrengths assessment to help people discover and describe these talents.

Is the CliftonStrengths assessment available in other languages?

The CliftonStrengths assessment is available in more than 26 different languages. When they start the assessment, they will have an opportunity to select their preferred language. If their native language is available, we recommend choosing that option.

Can they take the CliftonStrengths assessment if they have a disability?

Yes, it can be turned off if they have a disability that requires them to take the CliftonStrengths assessment without a time limit. If this is the case, please inform MadeYou when placing your booking.

How long does it take to complete the survey?

The entire survey requires approximately 30-40 minutes for the average person.

Is the CliftonStrengths assessment timed?

Yes. There is a 20-second timer for each statement on the CliftonStrengths assessment. The time limit and their unfamiliarity with the statements ensure their assessment’s accuracy by making it difficult to overthink their responses.

What if they didn't have time to choose a response?

If the time limit prevented them from making a choice, it is very likely that neither statement affected them in a way that allowed them to make a top-of-mind choice. The algorithm will take this into consideration.

What should they do if they are interrupted while taking the CliftonStrengths assessment?

If they are interrupted while taking the CliftonStrengths assessment, they do not need to start over. If necessary, simply sign in again, and the assessment will automatically resume where it left off. If they are still signed in, click the Continue button to return to the paired statements they were considering before they were interrupted.

Does the mood they were in affect their results?

Through Gallup’s research, we have discovered that a person’s mood has little effect on their CliftonStrengths assessment results.

Are their top five themes listed in a specific order?

All of their themes are ranked high to low based on the dominance of their talents. The more dominant their talents are within a theme, the higher that theme will appear in rank order.

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