Fundamentals of Great Communication - Learn how to listen and communicate clearly
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Fundamentals of Great Communication – Be a Better Communicator


Duration: 4 hours


This course is designed for delegates to understand the importance of ‘active’ listening and having engaging communication with other people.

Delegates will understand better how to deliver clear and concise messages and how communication in person can differ from written.


The course also explores non-verbal communication (body language) and when to use certain language-patterns to keep messages positive.


Learning outcomes:


  • To slow down and practice active listening for more precise communication.
  • Stop making assumptions to avoid errors and misunderstanding.
  • The need to be specific with their communication.
  • How different people assimilate information based on their frame of the world.
  • Modulating communication style to get the best our of people.
  • The influence and power of body language and non-verbal communication.


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