Confidence Building for personal and professional development
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Building Confidence


Duration: 4 hours


It’s fundamental for anyone who wants to move up the ranks in business. Often talent is identified within teams and the challenge is about building confidence for them to step up to the next role of responsibility.

We explore the skill of assertiveness without becoming aggressive and how to present oneself is a manner that is authentic. How to overcome barriers that will have previously been perceived as weakness and how to change behaviours positively.


Learning outcomes:


  • Understanding your own strengths
  • Inspiring others with your confident behaviour
  • Taking accountability
  • The difference basic manners can make to confidence building
  • How to adapt your appearance for a positive and confident impression
  • Modifying you communication style to boost confidence
  • Walking the talk

This is a highly informative and interactive workshop and we use experiential learning and fun and engaging activities. Delegates will have the opportunity to explore what confidence means to them and how they can naturally and authentically be confident.


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