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Successfully Managing Conflict


Duration: 4 hours


Conflict is a natural part of interpersonal relationships and any business. Delegates attending this course will learn how to manage themselves when they are in conflict and how to stay focused on business needs and outcomes. Additionally, delegates will discover techniques to manage emotional responses from others and how to refocus efforts and move past conflict.


Working with real-life examples from the delegates, we explore how different approaches to conflict management would have produced better results.


Learning outcomes:


  • Listening is vital to resolving conflict
  • Paying attention to all perspectives in the conflict
  • People have different emotional triggers- being sensitive to that
  • Staying focused on business needs/outcomes to overcome conflict
  • Understanding how body language can help defuse situations
  • How your tone of voice should change depending on the communication channel
  • How to be assertive without appearing aggressive to resolve conflict


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