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Aspiring Managers

Develop the essential people skills necessary to thrive in your new role as a manager.

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Future Managers

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≅4 months

Price (per delegate)


Embracing a New Managerial Role Can Be Daunting

You’re passionate, ambitious, and overflowing with potential. As a top performer, you’re ready to take the leap into your first-ever managerial role. Yet, you’re facing the challenge of mastering unfamiliar territory – transforming innate people skills into effective management abilities. The question is, how do you navigate this exciting yet scary transition?

We’ll Help You Conquer the Challenges of Becoming a Manager

This is where we come in. Our program is designed specifically for individuals like you – those ready and willing to step up but need guidance in this new venture. We believe in your potential and our mission is to help you realise it fully. We combine tailored training courses and coaching sessions, providing you with the tools needed to evolve into a successful people manager.

Learning Outcomes

What to expect

We’ll use the Top 34 CliftonStrengths assessment to help you figure out what you’re great at and what you can improve on. Plus, you’ll get a self-awareness coaching session to help you understand your leadership style and how to use it in different situations.

We’ll also cover the following modules:

Me as a Manager

  • Impact of Communication as a Manager – learn to adapt your listening and communication skills, as well as how to present yourself as a leader who leads by example.
  • Building Confidencediscover techniques to optimise your confidence levels, empowering you to take on new challenges with conviction.
  • 1:1 Coaching Session

Understanding You

and the Team

  • Access to the CliftonStrengths for Managers Report
  • 1:1 Coaching Session – dedicated support in interpreting the Managers Report, helping you leverage your Strengths to the fullest as a leader.
  • Profiling a Team – learn how to assess your team’s performance and understand the factors influencing different performance levels, fostering a cohesive and high-performing team.
  • 1:1 Coaching Session

Push Your Business Forward


Let’s start with a FREE consultation to understand your needs.


We’ll take your skills to the next level with our interactive development program.


Gain the confidence you need to excel in your new role as a manager.

Sidestepping Pitfalls: Navigating Leadership Challenges

Stepping into a leadership role without proper guidance can feel like wandering through a maze with no map. You might find it challenging to express your ideas clearly, leaving you uncertain about effectively communicating your vision. Wrestling with self-doubt can undermine your confidence, impacting your ability to make decisions. Not fully grasping the dynamics of your new managerial responsibilities may lead to some aspects being overlooked, affecting the overall performance and, ultimately, the business’s success.

Your Triumph: Leadership Success

Imagine a future where you’re not just a manager, but a leader who inspires, empowers, and drives success. You’ll be able to confidently handle new responsibilities, effectively lead a team, and reach new career heights. Embrace the journey to becoming the influential leader you were destined to be and unlock a world of limitless possibilities!

we don't like to brag, but

we're changing the game

100% the best leadership training I’ve ever done. It was very personal/specific to me and my role, which made it very spot-on and valuable. I was able to bring a lot (if not all) of the tips and tricks I got from these sessions in how I work with colleagues.

Play’n GO2022

MadeYou definitely supported me. I actually applied the GROW model to the business, and I found it very helpful when it came to planning a management strategy for my market.

GlitnorCountry Manager Japan, 2022

I am very impressed with their bespoke approach to evaluating the specific context of my leadership challenges and goals.

Play’n GO2022


Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept bank transfers, PayPal, and Revolut.

Can I apply for funding?

It is complicated, but we can set up the process in a way that enables you to apply for funding.

Who should attend?

This program is suitable for people with great people skills who do not have recent or prior experience in a managerial role.

Individuals seeking development without managerial aspirations should consider our dedicated horizontal training course. Please get in touch with us if you’d like more information about this.

We do not have the minimum number of delegates; can we still hold a face-to-face session?

For in-person sessions, the minimum number of delegates must be met. However, at least two delegates must be present online for a remote session.

Can I apply as a private individual?

For these programs to run, the minimum number of delegates must be met. If you would like to attend this program, we suggest speaking to your HR about booking you together with your colleagues on a development program.

Where are the courses held?

This is entirely up to you. Our trainers can come to your offices or a venue of your choosing. Alternatively, we can book the sessions ourselves with one of our venue partners.

Are there breaks during the training course?

Yes, there are always two breaks in each session to allow you to reset your brain or quickly check that all is okay back at the office. 

Will there be homework?

Yes. MadeYou will send homework after each course and each coaching session. The coaching session homework is mandatory but not overbearing. Whereas the training homework is not mandatory but beneficial.

Do I need to take notes?

We’re not going to stop you if you feel comfortable taking your own notes. However, we always send a recap sheet to our delegates, detailing points from the training.

What happens if I miss a course on the program?

If you miss a course from the program, you can catch up by either attending an external course, rescheduling the session, or taking on an additional coaching session.

Will the business know how things are going along?

Yes. MadeYou will have pre-agreed checkpoints with HR and any other business representatives to update them on the individuals’ progress and the program itself. We can also share our tracker spreadsheet, which will indicate who has been attending which sessions.

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