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Leadership Skills

Gain the knowledge and skills you need to make the transition from senior manager to rockstar leader.

In A Nutshell

Ideal for

Senior Leaders
Heads Of

# of Delegates

Min. 6
Max. n/a

Delivery Options



6 - 9 months

Price (per delegate)


Are You Stuck in Manager Mode, Struggling To Grow As A Leader?

As a leader, you might feel overwhelmed by all that’s expected of you. Working with peers, considering the impact of decisions on the business, managing conflicts, navigating interpersonal dynamics, and driving innovation can be a lot to handle. And you might feel unsure of how to become a better leader yourself or how to help your managers become better too.

We're Here to Help You Level Up Your Leadership Game

We understand the challenges that leaders like you face. So, we’re here to give you the tools you need to improve your leadership style, empower your managers, and communicate effectively so that you can reach your business goals. We’ll help you improve your emotional intelligence, ability to negotiate, and ability to hire the right person for the job.

Learning Outcomes

What to expect

We use the Top 34 CliftonStrengths assessment to help you identify your strengths and how best to leverage them, as well as a self-awareness coaching session to help you understand your leadership style and how to apply it in different scenarios.

Our program also consists of three modules to look forward to:

Lead the Department


Push Your Business Forward


Let’s start with a FREE consultation to understand your needs.


We’ll take your skills to the next level with our interactive development program.


Lead from a place of confidence and watch your career soar.

Don't Let a Lack Of Leadership Skills Hold You Back

Without the right leadership skills, you could struggle to adapt to your new role, which could result in an unmotivated team or a lack of alignment with your business goals. You might struggle to communicate with your teams and peers, bring down department morale, fail to adapt to change, and struggle to grow and innovate. These issues lead to decreased productivity and missed opportunities. And that’s ultimately bad for business.

Unlock Your Full Leadership Potential

Once you figure out how to develop your leadership style and empower your managers, you’ll be able to build a strong, high-performing department. By providing your department with clear direction and the tools to succeed, you’ll create a culture of trust and collaboration that can propel your business to new heights!