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People Management Skills

Equip your new managers with the skills they need to become confident influential leaders!

In A Nutshell

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New People Managers
Team Leaders

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Min. 6
Max. n/a

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≅4 months

Price (per delegate)


Looking For Help To Make Sure Your New Managers Succeed?

Congratulations on promoting your employees to management positions! It’s a big step for both you and them. But while your new managers may have the right attitude to take on this new role, you might be concerned that they lack the skills and experience necessary to lead effectively. They need to master critical skills such as effective communication, giving and receiving feedback, having difficult conversations with employees, and motivating key staff members. These are crucial skills for any manager, but they’re not always easy to learn on the fly.

We’re Here To Make Your Life A Little Easier

Transitioning to a management position is tough – we get it. That’s why we’re passionate about providing support and guidance to help your managers succeed. We’ll work closely with them every step of the way, offering feedback and advice to help them inspire their teams.

Learning Outcomes

What to expect

We use the Top 34 CliftonStrengths assessment to help new managers identify their strengths and how best to leverage them, as well as a self-awareness coaching session to help them understand their leadership style and how to apply it in different scenarios.

The program also covers the following modules:

Push Your Business Forward


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Help managers feel confident and supported in their new roles.

Poor Manager Training = Business Disaster

If your new managers don’t get the training and help they need, they could run into major challenges. They might lack the confidence they need to make the best decisions for their teams, which could result in mistakes or missed opportunities. Plus, without adequate support, they could easily become overwhelmed or burnt out. This could have a significant impact on their work-life balance and overall job satisfaction, and it could ultimately lead to high levels of employee turnover.

Well-Trained Managers Are The Secret to A Growing Business

When your new managers possess the right set of skills, they become invaluable assets to your company. Their ability to inspire their team and give constructive feedback can have a huge impact on overall productivity. This means a more effective, passionate team which leads to greater success for your business. And let’s face it – who wouldn’t want to have a more productive and engaged team and a business that’s thriving?!