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Train the Trainer PLUS

Learn to deliver sessions that are informative and transformative!

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Aspiring Trainers

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Min. 4

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≅6 months

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Do You Struggle to Deliver Effective Training?

You’re a seasoned professional in your field. You’ve got your expertise down to a tee, inside out, backwards, and forwards. But knowing your stuff doesn’t always translate into knowing how to train it to others. It’s like having a world-renowned chef who can whip up gourmet dishes but struggles to train someone else the recipe. The expertise is there, but the training finesse? That’s a different story altogether.

We’re Here To Help Empower Your Trainers

We want to arm you with a whole new skill set. We’re not just handing you a manual and saying, “Good luck!” We’re diving deep into the art of training, providing you with the tools, techniques, and insider insights you need to make that transition from expert to educator seamlessly.

Learning Outcomes

What to expect

In our program, we cover all the basics of training, mentoring, and coaching, as well as how to make workshops more effective for everyone involved. We also emphasise self-awareness, helping new trainers not only develop others effectively but also boost their own confidence by understanding themselves better.
Imagine a world where every trainee comes out highly knowledgeable, adding value to the business sooner and with fewer uncertainties. Imagine a world where they grasp your unique business culture from day one, leading to stronger retention rates.

In addition to the modules below, the program includes the Top 34 CliftonStrengths assessment.

  • Building confidence and authenticity in your training style.
  • Understanding your own learning preferences and how to adjust training methods accordingly.
  • Enhancing training effectiveness by incorporating various learning approaches.
  • Exploring ways to improve existing training methods by adapting different elements.
  • Creating engaging and enjoyable training programs.
  • Giving trainers the opportunity to experience being a trainee themselves.
  • Delivering real-time feedback during observed training sessions, focusing on Stop/Start/Continue actions.
  • Coaching sessions to help you identify your strengths and learning styles, guiding you to become a more effective trainer and continually develop your skills.

Push Your Business Forward


Let’s start with a FREE consultation to understand your needs.


We’ll take your skills to the next level with our interactive development program.


Learn the secrets to delivering impactful and inspiring sessions.

The Pitfalls When Training Misses the Mark

It’s easy for a session to derail when a trainer, with all the right intentions but not enough tools, applies a one-style-fits-all approach to a room full of diverse learning needs. You might talk over the heads of some or move too slowly for others, creating a disconnect that leaves everyone feeling lost. They chip away at the credibility of the trainer and, by extension, the image of your company.

Turn Training Challenges into Training Triumphs

When you adjust your training to fit each learner’s needs, every session becomes inclusive and powerful. You’ll feel confident walking into any room, knowing you can deliver a session that’s not just informative but truly meaningful. Plus, there’s a ripple effect. When employees feel genuinely supported, they’re more likely to embrace and share the company’s values, boosting teamwork, sparking innovation, and lifting workplace morale.

we don't like to brag, but

we're changing the game

Thank you for the training, has given me a big boost.

VideoSlotsResponsible Gaming Trainer, 2022

I 100% would recommend it - the session was different than the ones I had previously attended.

RootzBusiness Due Diligence Lead, 2023

Nothing like the standard training material I’ve ever been provided in my life.

FinaroTeam Lead - Client Services, 2023


Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept bank transfers, PayPal, and Revolut.

Can I apply for funding?

It is complicated, but we can set up the process in a way that enables you to apply for funding.

We do not have the minimum number of delegates; can we still hold a face-to-face session?

For in-person sessions, the minimum number of delegates must be met. However, at least two delegates must be present online for a remote session.

Can I apply as a private individual?

For these programs to run, the minimum number of delegates must be met. If you would like to attend this program, we suggest speaking to your HR about booking you together with your colleagues on a development program.

Where are the courses held?

This is entirely up to you. Our trainers can come to your offices or a venue of your choosing. Alternatively, we can book the sessions ourselves with one of our venue partners.

Are there breaks during the training course?

Yes, there are always two breaks in each session to allow you to reset your brain or quickly check that all is okay back at the office. 

Will there be homework?

Yes. MadeYou will send homework after each course and each coaching session. The coaching session homework is mandatory but not overbearing. Whereas the training homework is not mandatory but beneficial.

Do I need to take notes?

We’re not going to stop you if you feel comfortable taking your own notes. However, we always send a recap sheet to our delegates, detailing points from the training.

What happens if I miss a course on the program?

If you miss a course from the program, you can catch up by either attending an external course, rescheduling the session, or taking on an additional coaching session.

Will the business know how things are going along?

Yes. MadeYou will have pre-agreed checkpoints with HR and any other business representatives to update them on the individuals’ progress and the program itself. We can also share our tracker spreadsheet, which will indicate who has been attending which sessions.

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