Emotional Intelligence

Navigate through social complexities in the workplace by being self-aware, regulating your emotions and managing your colleagues’ emotions.

In A Nutshell

Date (GMT+2)

7ᵗʰ September 2023
10am - 2pm


Online (Zoom)

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Are You Finding It Difficult to Connect?

Does it sometimes feel like you can’t get through to your co-workers and really connect?

With the stresses of focusing on reaching targets and making deadlines, we focus solely on the technical aspects of our work and easily snap at our co-workers.

We can easily forget that we work and interact with other human beings. When we neglect to communicate appropriately and with empathy, this can create friction in the workplace.

We Can Help Manage Your Emotions!

Fortunately, emotional intelligence is a skill you can practice and improve on. With our guidance, you’ll learn the importance of having high emotional intelligence at work.

You’ll be able to identify and interpret your feelings to positively affect others.

Learning outcomes

What to expect

Using role-play and interactive exercises in our Emotional Intelligence course, we guarantee to show participants how to process information in an emotional and logical sense, allowing them to reflect on their approach and responses.

You will learn:

  • How to develop levels of empathy.
  • To recognise that individuals process emotions in different ways.
  • How to alter behaviour in different social situations and have a profound effect on your professional life.
  • How to identify your ‘triggers’ and how to change/control responses in different situations.
  • To understand the key aspect of leadership in any position is being emotionally available to team members.

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Manage emotions and improve your communication skills!

The Consequences Of Low Emotional Intelligence

Two significant areas will suffer when there’s a lack of emotional intelligence; communication and decision making.

When we lack this vital skill, we are more prone to blame others for mistakes and easily dismiss or criticise others’ opinions, creating a hostile working environment and achieving poor results.

Promote A Positive Culture That Leads To Success

Having a high level of emotional intelligence means you will be able to regulate your emotions, show empathy and have better social skills. When employees and management are emotionally intelligent, the better the chances are of creating a happy and productive work environment!

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Thank you for the training, has given me a big boost.

VideoSlotsResponsible Gaming Trainer, 2022

I 100% would recommend it - the session was different than the ones I had previously attended.

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Nothing like the standard training material I’ve ever been provided in my life.

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