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MadeYou is a training and development consultancy, offering a unique combination of skills, experience, and expertise which will blow your mind but not your budget. Our purpose is to share our expertise, improve people's lives and make businesses stronger, by helping you add value to your organisation.
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Build a Better Conference Presence

Last week MadeYou had the pleasure of attending the annual FHRD conference.

FHRD (Foundation for Human Resources Development) organises the annual conference where managers and human resource experts can trade ideas and network with potential new business partners. Some positive negotiations landed us with some prime real estate – front and centre in the expo hall! We knew we had to pull out all the stops to make the most out of this golden opportunity.

Do you have a big convention or conference coming up? Are you looking to make a big impact? Then keep reading, and see how we could apply our skills to your next big convention.

Be Prepared

Conventions and conferences are perfect for creating new opportunities for your business, and it pays to plan ahead.  Yes, you can just go to a convention and hope for the best, but as Louis Pasteur once said “Chance favours the prepared”.

In preparation for the conference, we enacted a publicity campaign announcing our attendance and encouraging people to come to our stall.

This included:

  • New E-mail signatures for all staff promoting our attendance to the conference.

e-mail signature, conference, fhrd

  • An advert in the Times of Malta promoting our services, and our attendance of the FHRD conference.

newspaper, conference, times of malta

  • #HardWorkingMascot social media campaign to encourage new and old clients to see us at the conference. Every company that trains with us through MadeYou Grow gets one of these furry friends as their own personal training Mascots.

social media, convention, conference, digital design

Building a Better Stall

MadeYou wanted to use our platform to not only promote ourselves, but give back to the community and the environment. That’s why we partnered with Friends of The Earth Malta to donate money for everyone who visited our stall and gave us a contact e-mail. All proceeds happily went to planting more trees around our Islands.

With this in mind we built our stall and accessories around a green nature theme. Through colour, design and careful leveraging of our quirky MadeYou spark, our stall was incredibly eye-catching!

This included:


We also had all the mascots there with us, for the cute animal factor 😉

The final effect drew people to us all day, and we were swamped with people signing up and to say hello!

Personality and Charm

PRO TIP: Conventions and conferences are hard work and emotional labour; so make sure you select the right people for the occasion.

Choose your most personable staff members to engage with the audience. A common mistake in many conventions is failing to be approachable. All the advertising and marketing in the world isn’t going to do you a lick of good if the people behind your stall aren’t up to scratch. Who wants to talk with someone sulking on a chair with their arms crossed or on their mobile phones all day?

richard, sue, conference, convention, stall, fhrd

We had a couple of our finest and friendliest faces happily greeting everyone who came up. Richard is one of our training experts and Sue is the loveliest office manager you’ll ever come across. Together they did more than just passively receive visitors, their shining personalities attracted delegates like a beacon!

So how did it go?

We left the convention with a tonne of new connections, collecting loads of e-mail addresses of people looking to do work with us in the future. I’d call that a resounding success!

Contact Us Today and We’ll help you shine!

Our creative team have years of expertise with design, marketing, photography, videography, copywriting, print media, interpersonal and presentation skills. By angling our robust set of skills to your advantage, we can tip the scales during your next convention.

If you’re interested in working with us, please call on +356 2703 5703

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