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An Insanely Intense Management Training Program for Our Friends at GiG

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Break through your limits

Sometimes you need to make hard (but necessary) changes. You need to go beyond your usual routine, take a risk, do something extraordinary – for the chance of an even bigger reward 😉

This is exactly what the Gaming Innovation Group (GiG) did when they asked MadeYou Grow to design and deliver an intense 6-month leadership training programme to develop their management team into the company’s leaders of tomorrow.

In-Depth Coaching for the Cream of the Crop

GiG and MadeYou have worked together in partnership for a number of years. For this programme however, GIG specifically identified who they wanted to develop and take an incredibly deep dive into upskilling their middle-leadership.

GiG selected 16 key individuals to develop into more than just managers, or heads of department – they wanted to make them LEADERS.

Working closely GiG’s Head of HR, Claudia Ginex, we created a bespoke training programme that played to their values as a company and the needs of their delegates. The result? An immense, European wide 6-month training plan.  The final programme (which is still ongoing at time of writing) incorporated a significant selection of what MadeYou usually offers:

  • The CliftonStrengths Assessment  (psychometric)
  • 1-2-1 coaching
  • Group training
  • Social situation homework (e.g. ‘Make Conversation with 3 Strangers at a Bar’ or ‘Go do something completely new with a friend’)
  • Intensive Talent development Programme


Co-ordination and planning was essential, as sessions happened across GiG’s offices in Europe. The chosen delegates came from GiG’s many different branches from Malta, to Spain, Copenhagen, and even Gibraltar.

Out of the Classroom and Into the Workplace

The project naturally evolved from the work GiG and MadeYou had already done together. All coaching and training sessions were designed to give the delegates real tangible management skills and tools to apply to everyday work situations. The ‘social homework’ got people out of their comfort zones, and forces them to use those new management and social skills in different real-life situations.

Our methods are informed by over 75 years in management and operations, and our expert team of trainers are some of the best in the business.

Loyalty and Trust between Business Partners


 The Emotional Intelligence course is a good mix of listening, conversation and practice. We got to practice situations and conversations by understanding the different types of emotions that we come across in a busy organisation. The course has opened my eyes not only to other peoples way of being but how to handle it professionally, and for me to be self aware which I learned is key to be able to manage a team. This is today helping me through challenges that everyone at some point get to face as a manager. I feel a lot more settled as a manager after this course. –  Linnéa Löw-Larsen PMO Lead at GiG


Chris Farrugia, training

Amazing program, top tutors, highly recommend!
 – They cover so much, from the basics to the advanced, absolute pleasure working with themChris Farrugia – Product Design Manager at GiG



Our relationship with GiG as the training and development partner has deepened over the past few years. We were delighted that they wanted to work with us to develop a targeted Talent Development Programme for their people managers. GiG selected 16 leaders in Heads Of positions and they have been put through their paces with 1-2-1 coaching and a blend of specifically tailored training programmes and workshops.’ – Kelly McSherry – Cofounder of MadeYou


Let’s Get Down To Business

We’ll always strive to deliver exactly what you need. If you or your business is interested in a custom training program to address issues specific to your office, please contact us today.

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