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Guided Growth: Training Leadership Bootcamp

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Your people drive your business’ growth

Congratulations! Your business is doing well – taking off in fact! You’re expanding your organisation, bringing in new talent, and elevating your stars into management positions. The future is looking bright, and things are growing!

But growth comes with its own challenges, and transitioning your hardest working employees into managers can be a challenging process. The skills that made them excellent in their specialist role won’t necessarily mean they’ll be great managers. Careful selection of the people you want to develop into your organisations next leaders is crucial.

This was the situation that JackpotJoy/Gamesys embraced after promoting a number of people to new managers. In order to ensure their continued development they sought out MadeYou Grow and hired us to assemble a comprehensive 6-month development programme for 12 of their new managers. They wanted to benefit from the years of operational management experience our trainers have during the programme.

Keep reading to see what we did, how we did it, and decide we’re the right fit for you.

Management Training

Most of us have had a manager during our working career that either wasn’t the right person for the job or was just thrown in and left to get on with it. Not a great experience for either them or us!

A poorly trained manager can be the cause of many issues that demotivate and aggravate your workers, which leads to:

  • High staff turnover
  • Low staff morale
  • And ultimately, lower productivity


A good manager is one who understands their workforce, knows how to leverage their skillset and motivate them towards their targets and goals.  Because the secret to being a good manager besides technical competence? Amazing people and soft skills.

The primary focus of our leadership boot camp was people management and development skills. Drawing from our extensive catalogue of training courses, we tailored the programme to the needs of JackpotJoy/Gamesys 12. The boot camp focused on developing; interpersonal skills, leadership styles, more effective modes of communication, constructive feedback and people management skills.

Jason attard, jpj, quoteIt’s very simple, the courses put you into a different mindset and you start identifying key areas within your usual approaches that you were not even considering before. Therefore, you start making better decisions and trusting yourself more. I would say the courses give you a tremendous boost to your self-confidence and add that reassurance that yes, you can, in fact, be a good leader.  Jason Attard -Design Team Leader – JackpotJoy/Gamesys

From the classroom to the office

Our approach gives delegates usable management tools to apply to everyday situations, as well developing leadership behaviours. Everything is delivered through a fun and engaging process, using practical exercises to reinforce the theory. This also included personal 1-2-1 coaching sessions.

And yes, there is homework 😉

Here’s a quick sample challenge for you:
Think about what you need from your manager, the kind of person you wished they would be, and the things you wished they would do.

Now are you that kind of person? Does your team think these things about you? What does your team want from you?

When you know your field of work inside and out, know how to make the most of your team, and are self-aware enough to see your own strengths and weaknesses’, that is how you become an excellent manager.

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We are experts in the field of professional training, and have worked with some of the biggest names and brands all across Malta and Europe like eBay and Nestlè. Our passion is helping companies and individuals reach their true potential. MadeYou’s highly trained staff of coaches are more than ready to support you through any cultural or organisational shift.

So are you ready to Grow?

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