Leading Remote Workers

Integrate remote work seamlessly in a way that benefits both employer and employee.

In A Nutshell


30ᵗʰ July 2024
10am - 2pm


Royal Malta Golf Club

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Adapting Can Be Difficult

Adjusting to a new way of working is tricky. We’ve been led to believe that we should work in an office environment for most of our professional lives.

We were suddenly, without warning, thrown into a remote work environment, which shook us all. Leading employees is hard enough, but when they could be in a different country, we need to be able to adapt.

But Not impossible!

Knowing first-hand the struggles of adapting to a new normal, we have constructed a training programme to make you feel less overwhelmed and more excited to lead a team, no matter where you are in the world.

Just because colleagues are far away doesn’t mean that you need to work as isolated individuals!

Learning outcomes

What to expect

Through this course, you’ll learn how to optimise your leadership skills to effectively lead and motivate remote and hybrid workers. We’ll take you through each step of handling situations to keep your workers feeling involved, inspired and connected.

You’ll be able to:

  • Effectively assign work.
  • Deliver feedback to hybrid and remote workers.
  • Change your leadership style/s from working hours to working outputs.
  • Understand the impact of isolation.
  • Develop your key remote individuals.
  • Approach 1:1s with transparency and objectivity.

Push Your Business Forward


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We’ll take your skills to the next level with our interactive training course.


Create a thriving work environment no matter how remote.

Failing to manage remote workers can be disastrous

Without the proper communication and putting in the work to create a thriving company culture, even for those working remotely, it can lead to terrible results. Employees will either lose interest in their job, take advantage of the system or gravitate towards other work.

Build a remote working environment that thrives

When employees feel trusted in a remote working environment, their loyalty to the company will grow. And when they are loyal, their desire to produce great work will increase, giving your company better results.

we don't like to brag, but

we're changing the game

Thank you for the training, has given me a big boost.

VideoSlotsResponsible Gaming Trainer, 2022

I 100% would recommend it - the session was different than the ones I had previously attended.

RootzBusiness Due Diligence Lead, 2023

Nothing like the standard training material I’ve ever been provided in my life.

FinaroTeam Lead - Client Services, 2023