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MadeYou’s Greatest Hits!

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MadeYou Think Greatest Hits

MadeYou Think is the part of our business that focuses on Human Resources Consultancy. Everyone could use a little help to create more value for their staff. But MadeYou Think is more than that, it’s about working together to shift a company’s paradigm for the better.

MadeYou Think analyses your processes, identify strengths, examine opportunities to improve and implement ways to improve it – all from a human-centric perspective. We believe your human resources are your most important resources, and learning how to tap into potential is the key to a successful business.

We wanted to grab the opportunity to highlight some of the work we’re most proud of in 2019. They’re a couple of enormous projects that took the better part of a year to complete.

Are you a human resources leader looking for the next best thing? Want to improve your own standing, and make life easier at your company? Then keep reading and learn what we can do to support you!

Hero Gaming – Defining the Culture, Values and Mission.

Malta is no stranger to the iGaming industry. There are over 200 different online casinos based on the island alone. So, what really separates the heroes and the duds in this kind of hyper-competitive industry?

Personality, Values… Culture. The intrinsic beliefs that direct every decision made by management. Are you a company that stands for loyalty? Creativity? Growth?

Hero Gaming knew that in order to make the most of their amazing team, everyone from the CEO to any new hires had to be on the same page. Luke, Kelly and the rest of MadeYou Think helped the management and C-level team of Hero really examine what they stand for. The results?




hero gaming

Building cultural values and spreading them across the company was the result of months of work in coaching sessions, workshops and feedback. We’re happy to announce that the results of these widespread values led to.

  • Lower Staff Attrition.
  • Improved collaboration between Hero’s different international offices.
  • Tonnes of new projects being completed due to better communication.

We call that a heroic success!

360° Feedback Culture with GO

If there’s one thing that a telecommunications business needs… It’s good communication! That’s why MadeYou Think has been working with GO over the past year to develop a 360° feedback culture across their business.

What’s 360° Feedback you ask?

Well, it’s an engaging system of performance feedback that isn’t solely based on your manager’s opinion of you. Let’s face it, you could be the hardest working person in the world but also one who doesn’t always shout about your achievements, so there is a chance that your appraisals aren’t going to reflect your real talent. In a 360 culture you receive feedback from your manager, your peers, AND your direct reports. You also GIVE feedback to your colleagues and also to yourself through self-assessment.

In this way a company is able to gain an objective overview of your performance. It also encourages people to really participate in a company, freely giving their ideas without fear.

When you open the lines of feedback and communication across your business, collaboration across your many departments flourishes!

“The 360° feedback process led by Luke Todd from MadeYou has been an instrumental step forward in our journey to change the feedback culture at GO.  It has really provided valuable insights into personal, individual and collective strengths and consequently, where, as a team, we can improve our effectiveness to reach new personal and professional goals and strengthen relationships amongst the team. Luke organised and led a combination of individual and group tasks which worked really well for us. They provided ample opportunities to discuss the process at length, adequately preparing everyone for the next step in the programme. The process has worked great so far, the feedback has been very positive indeed and has certainly helped us take the first big steps in our culture transformation. I really look forward to continue working closely with Luke to implement this across the whole organisation.”Nikhil Patel, GO PLC CEO.

Looking Forward

We’re always hunting for the next great opportunity. Maybe it’s you! If you feel like things at your office have stagnated, than get in touch with MadeYou Think. We promise to shake things up for the better, and help you find a better way forward.

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