Negotiating and Influencing Skills Training -
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Business Negotiation Skills


Duration: 2 sessions of 4 hours each

Designed for delegates to develop their skills to influence others to achieve objectives. We understand personal motivations and explore how to use empathy to avoid conflict when influencing.

After exploring how to take the emotions out of negotiations and concentrate on business value, we explore when to use the different techniques discussed and practiced with various exercises. You’ll discover how this has a profound influence on your negotiating and influencing.

Delegates will leave the course feeling empowered in negotiating and influencing styles.


Learning outcomes:


  • Understanding the power of listening.
  • How to gain deep rapport quickly.
  • Using body language and other unspoken techniques to gain trust.
  • Knowing how adopting a 2nd person approach (what’s in it for them) can increase influence.
  • How to keep focused on the requirements of the business.
  • How small changes in use of language can positively impact negotiations.


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