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Craft a Better Presentation and Fight Stage Fright!

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Presentation Skills with Nestlé. How did we help them?

You probably already know that public speaking and presenting is one of the most dreaded and nerve-wracking activity a modern human can do. In fact, research shows us that it’s ranked in the Top 10 most feared things in life. It’s right up there with fear of flying and even death! Whether it’s to a client or to your fellow coworkers; having everyone stare you down while you nervously click through your slides is a harrowing experience. You’d think that the most successful business owners and companies in the world would have this skillset down to a T.

Nope! Everyone from the independent business owner to the world’s largest food corporation find presentations absolutely hellish – well… Everyone except us of course 😉

Meeting for coffee

Nestlé produces everything from cereal to dog treats to sweet, blessed coffee🙏. They’ve been operational in Malta for over 100 years (wow!) and needed help with their managers presentation skills. Between high-value internal presentations as well as pitches to potential clients, they had a lot riding on their ability to communicate effectively.

Nestlé Malta’s HR Manager approached our CEO Luke Todd after attending our presentation at last year’s Foundation for Human Resources Development (FHRD) convention. We – naturally – put on quite a show, and they wanted to know if we could give them some formal presentation skills training.

A tasty teaser of our method

Our Presentation Skills training course is comprised of two, 4-hour sessions, a week apart from one another. Our method allows us to give advice tailored to every individual’s different strengths and weaknesses. The general breakdown of the course is:

  1. Pre-session homework: We ask all attendees to prepare a presentation.
  2. Every participant delivers their presentation to the group and are recorded.
  3. Feedback on each presentation is given by our trainers on camera.
  4. We all discuss the successes and shortcomings of each other’s presentations, guided by our expert trainers.
  5. You’re given a recording of your presentation and feedback, and are asked to watch it while you prepare a new presentation for the next week.


By having everyone prepare a presentation beforehand we can understand what their starting point is, and what needs to be worked on. Interwoven throughout the two days are practical hands-on exercises focusing on:

  • How to manage anxiety – we share proven techniques and tips
  • How to engage your audience depending on their seniority and audience size
  • Building a better presentation structure to tell a meaningful story
  • How to strip the fat off of your presentation
  • Public speaking at a conference or event

All of this is delivered by our trainers in a fun and engaging environment. They have more than 40 years of experience in senior management and operations positions – so have a lot of experience presenting.

And the results?

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“The higher the learners’ activation, the more effective the workshop. Luke and Kelly didn’t miss that lesson, the level of engagement they reach allows people to develop new capabilities in an energetic and productive environment.”Giulia Sanlorenzo, HR Business Partner Nestlé Malta

Time and again we’ve met people who personify the old saying ‘the diamond in the rough’; people who are naturally charismatic but have no idea how to transfer that charisma into a workable presentation.  To be able to see the staggering growth from day one to day two in all participants was such a satisfying experience. It’s incredible how much of an impact even a little bit of guidance can have.

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