Peer to Peer Feedback 4 hour Workshop -
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Peer To Peer Feedback


Duration: 4 hours


In this course, we give you the tools and techniques to easily give feedback to your peers and those in more senior positions in a professional and supportive manner.


We work with your real-life examples to help you to understand how to navigate what can sometimes be a difficult conversation. You’ll learn how to manage your emotions and also how to look at what you need to feedback from different perspectives to ensure clear and appropriate communication.


Learning outcomes:


  • Exploring the benefits of a feedback culture
  • Focusing on what’s next and not revisiting issues again and again
  • Preparing feedback sessions so the focus is development for the future and not looking back
  • How to adapt simple changes in language to get better outcomes from peer to peer feedback
  • That asking questions helps to get a full picture and therefore better communication
  • How retrospectives (fast review) focused on objectives and people or roles can drive change
  • Understanding what holds us back emotionally from giving feedback
  • Using ‘business voice’ to avoid giving feedback personally
  • Giving feedback to different personality types
  • Clear understanding that feedback needs to be clear, business focused, direct and given with kindness


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