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Performance Review Calibration

Create an accurate and unbiased performance review process that makes employees strive to perform at their highest level.

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Is Your Current Review and Feedback Process Stressful and Ineffective?

Whilst relying on traditional performance may feel like the safe option, it’s probably doing more harm than good.

Managers reviewing work performance annually or bi-annually will create a lot of room for bias as it’s more likely that the review will focus on recent events rather than the overall performance. Not to mention that favouritism can come into play, creating unhealthy competition between employees and fuelling a toxic work environment.

We’ll Help You Create an Unbiased Feedback Process That Promotes Growth

Having an external coordinator facilitating discussions around unbiased performance reviews, development needs and feedback will help remedy this situation.

In our calibration reviews, peer managers review various aspects of each other’s teams, ensuring that the performance ratings and development needs of the individuals are objectively agreed upon. This allows individuals to progress by giving them aligned feedback on their strengths, potential and development areas.

Learning Outcomes

What to expect

MadeYou will support you through the whole calibration process and prepare the information before the calibration meetings. During these meetings, peer managers gather to discuss their direct reports as one group to agree on the final review rankings for all the individuals. We achieve this through discussions led by the MadeYou facilitators, who utilise the pre-gathered information as additional feedback on where the individual should be ranked.

The pre-gathered information includes:

  • The individual’s self-assessment rating.
  • The direct manager’s review ranking of the individual.
  • The manager’s peer group rating of the individual.
  • A comparison of the 360 Feedback review information, if available.

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Subjective Feedback Can Lead to Emotional Barriers

While companies may strive to foster a healthy workplace culture, there will always be employees and managers who don’t see eye to eye. And holding on to a traditional appraisal process may be hurting your business more than you think.

By attempting to use traditional annual performance reviews, you may end up with both stagnating employees and managers. Managers and employees will butt heads since the manager will see little improvement in their employee, and the employee will feel like the manager has it out for them.

All you end up with is wasted time, unmotivated employees, and frustrated managers – and the company suffers as a result.

Constructive Feedback Leads To Constant Improvement

As humans, we are more likely to respond to an objective truth rather than to the specific opinion of an individual. When employees are given feedback that gives them honest direction for their own benefit rather than feeling targeted specifically by their superior, they are much more likely to act upon it.

Thankfully this process is easy to implement and will help to calibrate your review processes to ensure unbiased data in a thriving work environment.