Present Like a Pro

Perfect your public speaking and presentation skills and get your message across.

In A Nutshell


6ᵗʰ & 13ᵗʰ February 2024
10am - 2pm


Royal Malta Golf Club

Price (per delegate)


Struggling To Get Your Message Through?

Public speaking can be a very intimidating experience despite your wealth of knowledge in a subject. You may not have the training to deliver the information clearly and in a memorable manner- which can leave your confidence on the floor.

Let’s Help You Ace Your Next Presentation

Whether it’s a fear of public speaking or simply unsure how to be more engaging, we want to help you overcome your personal barriers and communicate in a way that sticks! We’d love to help you along your journey so that presenting isn’t a weak link in your (otherwise shiny) armour anymore.

Learning outcomes

What to expect

We have split this course into two sessions, each providing the opportunity for everyone to present and receive constructive feedback.

We’ll explore the structures of powerful presentations and break those psychological barriers that keep you from communicating your ideas well. You will even receive recordings of your presentations so that you can see how you have progressed from recording to recording.

You will also learn:

  • How to use images rather than text.
  • How to use tone of voice and pace for the desired effect.
  • To strip back text and PowerPoint content to the bare essentials.
  • About presenting data in a way that’s easy for the audience to understand.
  • The proven techniques to overcome nerves/anxiety about presenting or public speaking.
  • How to get a complex message across in a simple way.
  • How to structure a presentation to tell a relevant story.
  • How to present to senior management to keep them engaged.
  • About knowing your audience and pitching the content accordingly.
  • Which tools to use for better presentations (including cue cards, colours and the stage).

Push Your Business Forward


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We’ll take your skills to the next level with our interactive training course.


Present ideas and information with confidence that engages a crowd.

Presentation Skills Can Make or Break a Career

You can be the most knowledgeable person in the room. Still, if you can’t express that knowledge without anxiety or in a clear and concise manner, it can hold you back professionally and personally. Nobody wants to be put on the spot and fumble their way through an uncomfortable presentation.

Reap The Rewards Of Strong Presentation Skills

Invest in yourself and discover your potential as a public speaker. The confidence it gives you will not only help your colleagues and clients to take you seriously, but it may also spill out into other areas of your role and personal life.

we don't like to brag, but

we're changing the game

I was hoping to refresh my F2F presentation skills and gain more confidence in presenting to an unknown audience. I’m very happy with this training, and the feedback was very useful. I would definitely recommend it.

CatenaTA Manager, 2023

I expected a lesson-type course on how one can improve their presentation skills. The course itself was way better, informative and interactive than I could have imagined. A lot of practical, hands-on exercises that solidified the information we received. I am actually impressed by how much we covered & learned in just 2 sessions and so glad it included both theory & practice!

BetclicSenior Trader, 2023

I was looking for insightful ways to improve confidence when giving presentations and some tips on preparing content within the presentation that would be engaging to the viewers. MadeYou absolutely helped me achieve this. It's an interesting course, made fun.

GO plcGraphic Designer & Content Specialist, 2023